Having your head in the clouds isn’t such a bad idea after all

These days the world does its computing in the cloud – but it’s nothing new for our expense manager app Solo Expenses – we’ve been doing it for years. In this blog we explain why, and highlight the advantages our system gives to you – all at no extra cost.

OK, the guy on the right of the picture might have taken his eye off the ball for a moment, but the other four are connected to the rest of the world by the powerful little piece of technology that offers so much to our 21st-century lives. We’d like to think the other four are all busy filing expense claims using our Solo Expenses online expense management app.

The last decade has seen the mobile phone blossom from much more than a humble phone; first into a powerful communication tool and then into an even more influential portable computer.

It’s happened so much that we tend not to call them phones any more, but refer to them simply as mobiles. So why has it happened? And what’s behind it?

It’s fair to say that technology advances as some speed these days, and there’s a real danger of being left behind, especially if you focus on ‘non-tech’ areas of life, as many people still do in both their personal and professional lives. So let’s start at the beginning…

What is the cloud?
‘The Cloud’, when related to the world of computers, refers not to something intangible, as
Cloud Managementits name might suggest, or in the sky, as the name might also suggest (though there is an in space dimension; more of that in a moment) but to an international network of datacentres filled with servers that house software and store all kinds of data – to such an extent that if you think of just about any kind of file, it’s probably stored on the cloud.

It’s through the cloud that you can shop on line and have the groceries arrive on your doorstep; that you can compare hotels and insurance policies; and that you can use the very latest versions of any software, in the middle of the night and your pyjamas, if the mood takes you. The space dimension happens because these server farms talk to each other, and to your computer, via satellite.

Why is so much possible with an app?
There are thousands of apps; literally thousands. Think of anything at all, and there’s probably an app, or application, for it. That’s happened because apps are relatively straightforward to develop, and developers are gifted and imaginative people. Heavens, you don’t even need to have all of the functionality of the software you want to use on your phone, or computer; you can just bite off what you need from software that sits on one of those server farms in the cloud, using technology called ‘Software as a Service’, or SaaS for short. Think of it this way – the software that used to live in the big box under the desk, linked by wires to your keyboard and screen, no longer needs to be there. Link your desktop to a network, wirelessly or otherwise, and you can work wherever you happen to be, reaching into the software, or your own files, where they sit on the cloud.

Isn’t it insecure to have data held elsewhere?
Intuitively, yes, it is. In reality, no it isn’t. The reason is that every computer, yours included, is under threat from thousands and thousands of industrial-strength malware attacks. It’s probably happening to you at this very moment. Server farms and data centres have by far the most sophisticated protection and levels of security; far greater than the ones you have deployed (and you’d probably be surprised to find that many companies don’t have security on their networks, but that’s another story).

How that helps with expense management software
Expense management
used to get overlooked because it sat low on the list of priorities, for individuals and businesses alike. It had to wait until nothing else was happening, which could have been days or weeks after the spending happened, by which time the expenses had been forgotten, or the receipts lost.

That doesn’t have to happen now.

Solo Expenses is cloud-based expense management software that allows anyone to file expenses wherever they happen to be, with compete accuracy, so that the spend can be forgotten with a clear conscience – Solo Expenses has it all recorded, and ready to be shared in whatever way is appropriate. Perhaps direct to an accountant is the way you need to go? That’s equally easy inside or outside the business. They can be sent onwards for approval, if you’re using one of the larger-business packages offered by Solo Expenses, or they can be kept for your own reference, and compared with other months to see if patterns occur that suggest your spending could be trimmed in certain areas to make the business more efficient. That’s a benefit of effective business expense management.

Space age working for you
Although the mundane has become space age, with computer screens replacing pen and ink, Solo Expenses hasn’t lost sight of the people we’re really in business for; our customers. Spread over scores or countries around the world, thousands of them turning themselves into effective expense managers with our handy expense management software in the most cost-effective way possible. For individuals, our app is, and always will be, free to download here.  Company users pay a relatively small amount per user per week, but there’s little doubt that their investment in it could be free too; either because they’re able to cut spending, or because controlling the whole expense management system becomes so much simpler and less time-consuming, or, more likely, a combination of the two. Compare the options and so-low prices here.

And finally…

Having your head in the clouds used to suggest you weren’t really aware of what was going on. These days, maximising the benefits of expense tracking software like Solo Expenses means you’re doing exactly the opposite.