Security Policy & GDPR

We take the security of your Web-based Expense Management system very seriously.

Web-based Expenses, Hosted Expenses, On-line Expense, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service and Software on Demand are all words which describe the same concept: Secure access to your ExpenseOnDemand system on any computer, anywhere, anytime over the internet via your web browser.

Servers are hosted in the UK by one of the world’s leading infrastructure organisations. There is no client software required on the desktop or on the user’s network – which means, new users can easily be activated very quickly.

Keeping your data safe:

  • You exclusively own your own data in your ExpenseOnDemand system. Should you no longer wish to use ExpenseOnDemand, you can easily export all your data to text files or spreadsheets and import it into another system.
  • Your data is safe with ExpenseOnDemand. In fact, far safer than most in-house applications because, without a valid password, data cannot be selected or downloaded.
  • The minute you login into your ExpenseOnDemand subscription, the highest level encryption kicks-in, i.e., SSL 256K (AES) – this means that your data travels over the internet fully encrypted.

Click here to download our security policy