About ExpenseOnDemand

ExpenseOnDemand was established in 2003 to provide an innovative expense management solution to organisations frustrated by manual expenses around the world. Used by hundreds of thousands of users in over 70 countries, ExpenseOnDemand is headquartered in The UK and has international offices in Australia, India, The USA, Singapore and China.

Being an international company ExpenseOnDemand is country, tax and ‘culturally’ compliant with the customs and practices of the countries where it is used.

ExpenseOnDemand is for small & medium-sized businesses which efficiently meets the requirements of a 10 person business, as well as a 10,000 person business. Implementation is easy and quick and is hosted in the cloud providing 24/7/365 availability.

Giving Back

ExpenseOnDemand takes a positive and conscientious stance on corporate and social responsibility and we proactively support the communities in which we work.

The ExpenseOnDemand Foundation supports five charities that work with children, primarily in the UK, India and Africa.

Two of these charities works with abandoned children whose mothers work in the sex trade. Another works to rehabilitate children rescued by various non-government organisations. The others work with children who have been abused by their families or relatives and then sold to beg.

These charities provide mentoring, education or a vocation, but above all a home – a place which these psychologically challenged children and young people can call their own.

ExpenseOnDemand and its associates continue to contribute both money and time to these charities. If you would like to participate, please write to us at info@expenseondemand.com

Giving Back – Social Initiatives

ExpenseOnDemand intends to give a proportion of its revenue to worthy causes somewhere in the world. If you buy the app, you’ll help fund the projects we choose. Every time you look at it, you’ll know that somewhere in the world someone is just a little happier because you did – so everyone’s a winner!