Ollie, barely stands excitement of 3 pieces of good news on same afternoon

It’s been a hard time for Ollie and Lizzie, looking forward to the birth of their second child, but discovering that the baby could be ill. They’ve visited the hospital specialist to get the news, and as a result of what’s said, Ollie thinks the time is right to broach another topic. Now read on…

“Steady on, Ollie!” shrieked Lizzie, clamping shut her eyes when her husband made the tyres squeal as he launched their car into the traffic. “We don’t want to be back in hospital visiting A&E!”

Ollie apologised and brought his excitement, and the car, under control, even though he couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. They’d just been given two of the best pieces of news he heard since they found out Lizzie was pregnant… not only was the baby going to be a boy, but a scare they’d had about him not moving much had proved unfounded, and he was perfectly healthy. They’d been for another scan, and Lizzie had the picture in her handbag.

“But it’s just such wonderful news,” said Ollie, swerving to avoid a cyclist. “A boy! Can you believe it!?”

Ollie, barely stands excitement of 3 pieces of good news on same afternoon-1
Lizzie, now with her eyes open but still fiercely gripping the door handle, tried to bring him back to earth: “Well it’s not so much of a stretch of the imagination. The odds were never longer than evens. If it wasn’t a girl it was bound to be a boy. Pedestrian! Look out!”

The young man was oblivious to oncoming traffic as he stepped into the road, staring intently at his smartphone. Ollie simultaneously swung the wheel and sounded the horn, causing the man to jump back onto the pavement, the van driver in the outside lane to brake fiercely, and Lizzie to draw her breath in sharply through her teeth.

The near-miss seemed to calm her husband, and their progress down the road became a little more sedate. They drove in silence for a while, Lizzie allowing feelings to relief to wash over her; she hadn’t dared tell Ollie how worried she had been about the baby, and all the possible consequences of something being wrong.

Ollie had been worried, of course, but something more than the baby had been on his mind too, and he decided to share it. “Is now a good time to tell you about an email I got from Sunita at Solo Expenses the other day?” Without waiting for a reply he plunged on, barely pausing for breath: “She has a colleague called Arjan, and he’s going to watch England play Wales in the Rugby World Cup, it’s at Twickenham and there’s a ticket for me to go if I want; hospitality box and everything; this month; the 26th. I wasn’t going to mention it with the, with the, well, you know, but now everything’s OK and you’re not sick in the mornings, I wondered how you’d feel if I went? I think I could get back the same evening, even though kick-off isn’t until eight at night.” As he spoke, the tempo of his driving had begun to rise again. Lizzie tried to ignore it, rolled her eyes and smiled. “The specialist said we were having just one little boy, but by the sound of it there are suddenly two. Of course you can go to Twickenham; Grandma and Grandad will come round to help with Alice if I need them, you know they will.”

“Well, Grandma will, but I shouldn’t think you’ll see Grandad. The game’s on television, so he’ll be watching it,” said Ollie, squeezing through the traffic lights as they turned to amber, and switching lanes to overtake a bus.

Lizzie shut her eyes again. “Slow down, and mind the cyclist, for goodness sake! There’s a condition to this rugby trip. You’ll be just as excited as this if England win, and that won’t do, will it?”

Ollie was ready to agree to anything, now he had permission to go. He could barely sit still as he considered the prospect of watching England play Wales at Twickenham – after all, he’d never seen a game there before. “Anything; anything. What’s the condition?,” he asked.

“That you go on the train.”

Picture: Monkey Business Images, via Dreamstime