How Solo Expenses buys time, the most precious resource

The time-saving technology of Solo Expenses saves money and restores quality of life for hard-working sole traders through a unique smartphone app that instantly records and collates business expenses – anywhere, at any time. In doing so it puts back days in their lives, and life in their days.

The warmth of the summer afternoon sun felt good on his skin. An inviting sheen of condensation formed on the outside of the glass of lemonade beside him. The hammock moved gently in the slightest breeze. Birdsong was all around him, and the murmur of bees told him someone was hard at work. Thankfully, today, it wasn’t him. Oliver sighed and closed his eyes; this was the life, and the best possible way of doing his expenses.

Oliver was a very talented fortysomething running his own consultancy business. His talent lay in his creative vision that helped to set spectacular theatre shows before appreciative audiences around the world. His ideas were always in great demand. He loved the work, and was pleased he’d been talked into setting up his own business to do it.

Devil in the accounting detail

But what he had never appreciated, and had come to resent deeply, was the time and stress involved in work that wasn’t part of the reason his company existed; the background work like accounts and keeping track of details such as the not inconsiderable expenses he ran up because of his foreign travel. Oliver didn’t do ‘details’; his talent was in his imagination, a place where detail was an inconsiderate intruder. What’s more, it wasn’t creative work, and he didn’t get paid for it.

There had been ‘heated discussions’ (he didn’t like to say they’d argued) with his accountant, who saw the detail of life in an entirely different way; who revelled in the thorough crossing of t’s and dotting of i’s, and who struggled to make sense of his client’s finances because there was no record of so much of his spending.

Effortless expense recording

But that had been resolved when his accountant had introduced him to Solo Expenses, a tool to record and manage his spending. It effortlessly provided detailed records that replaced the creative chaos surrounding his earlier attempts at accurate record-keeping. That had consisted of crumpled scraps of paper providing, at best, a partial paper trail of his latest overseas trip.

Oliver loved Solo Expenses. He appreciated the imagination that had gone into setting up this simple device; loved the way it transformed the tiresome task of detailed record-keeping; revelled in the way he could record precise details of his spending simply by flexing his thumb; chuckled when he thought of the time he saved and the stress it removed from his life; and laughed when he thought of the hours stretching in front of him when he had nothing to do but enjoy the sun and his hammock.

With the Solo Expenses app on his smartphone Oliver had even come to enjoy recording his expenses; there was a sense of theatre and magic to it, and that appealed to him. Presented with a receipt in a restaurant, all he had to do was pull out the phone, take a picture of the receipt, and through the wonder of cloud computing it was on its way to the accountant to be totted up with all the rest. Most importantly for Oliver, he could forget about it even before he left the restaurant.

The real reward from Solo Expenses

Which meant that, when the work was over, and he was back at home, he had to spend no time whatsoever doing the boring – but necessary – paperwork that used to take him, quite literally, hours.

Instead there would be time to lounge in his hammock, for dinner with his wife, or to play with his children. These were the days that were the most important to them as a family, and days like these were in his life because he was a successful Solo Expenses user.