10 best Android daily expense reporting apps for money management

Of the ten best money management apps for Android, we’ll stand up to be counted and say that we believe we offer four of them – because not all of our users are the same, so our products should reflect that.* If you pride yourself as an individual, who like a bespoke solution, you’re in the right place for a money management app that’s a perfect fit…

We’d thought about writing a blog listing the ten best android daily reporting apps for money management, but decided against it – because that would make the apps more important than you, the user.

It was going to be an explanation of which was the best of them, but in any list there’s a temptation to lose sight of the person who matters most – the reader, putting him or her as a runner up to the tech. There’s an old-fashioned phrase for that: putting the cart before the horse; an arrangement which is never going to work. What’s more, one size never fits all really properly in just about anything, including money management apps.

We also thought about writing it in the voice of an expense reporting app Android too (that’s him in the picture) but that seemed too cheesy, which leaves us where we ought to be. Real time; real voice; and all about you.

When it comes to choosing a daily expense reporting app we all need something a little different. Sure, there are common themes, like ease of use, and speed, and connectivity with other kinds of software. But when that’s said and done, the variables make a real difference.

What makes ExpenseOnDemand different

ExpenseOnDemand is four money management apps, rather than just one (Unless you count iPhone and Android versions as separate ones, which would make it eight). We’ve thought long and hard about the product and how it should be presented to the user, and then set about making it happen. This is what we came up with:

SME: When you ramp up your employee numbers, ExpenseOnDemand is there with you stride for stride. This package is good for any organisation that has up to 100 users. Like the Business Owner package it comes with a 14-day free trial, but this one has an approval route, because that helps keep track of expense spending with so many people in involved. The more people you employ, the cheaper it is per employee per month, getting as low as 90p. Check out the benefits here.

ExpenseOnDemand: Do you have employee numbers in the thousands? If so, then this package is for you. It’s feature rich software; cloud-based like all of our offerings, and therefore readily to hand at any time of the day or night. Pricing is harder to explain, because there are so many variables you could choose to have in the bespoke solution we create for your company. Contact us to talk through your options.

* iPhone users shouldn’t feel left out. The same four ExpenseOnDemand options are available to you too. Visit the app store or our web site to find out more.