How the ExpenseOnDemand revolution turned into evolution

The new millennium was still in short trousers when ExpenseOnDemand arrived on the scene. Few understood what cloud computing was, and there was no expense management app that would help sole traders record their expenses. Things have changed since then, but we’re still making changes for the better. We call it the quiet evolution…

Somewhere in the world at this very moment, someone is recording a business expense using the ExpenseOnDemand expense management app.

We don’t know who it is, but statistically it has to be true, because our app is used and trusted by customers in almost 100 countries.

Our business began in 2003 with a revolution – using cloud based expense management software to manage business expenses. After all, how many people knew what the cloud was back in 2003? How of those trusted it with business data? And many understand it now? There’s a whole world of difference right there.

We developed the first expense management app designed for use by sole traders, and we’ve gone on working away to improve our product and make it relevant for today.

The latest development
Take this month as the perfect example. We are poised to introduce our latest software enhancement; the opportunity for you to manage your own expense categories. That’s a way for you to re-name the ones in the default listing that comes as standard when you start using the app, or you can keep those and create new ones of your own.

This presents the opportunity for expenses to be grouped by business unit, by customer, or by event. Perhaps you’re going to a trade show; with this new enhancement you can ‘corral’ all the spending associated with it in one place, and see, in less time than it takes to write, exactly what you’ve spent in getting there are staging your display.

This latest development puts even more control of your business expenses at your fingertips. Only by knowing what’s been spent and where can you work out if it’s effective, and if there is any way you can be smarter, making you money work harder for you. And it doesn’t stop there. Our Personal Use options (always free to download, and always will be), means you could create categories like ‘birthday gifts’ or ‘days out’, or even ‘running the car’. It’s touches like that which further reinforce ExpenseOnDemand as the finance manager in your pocket; the finance manager who understands you, and your spending habits, better than anyone.

Don’t be afraid of change
We understand that for some, change can make you nervous. There’s no need for it to do. Think of the change we are already familiar with. Television and electric power are just about universal; life would be near impossible without the car as we know it today.

And when did you last see a live dinosaur (OK, we acknowledge that the dinosaur’s demise wasn’t necessarily an evolutionary thing, but you get the picture.)

Life in the 21st century is easier because of Farnsworth*, Edison, Daimler and Ford, pioneers of television, electricity, and the motor car respectively.

Perhaps one day people will talk about ExpenseOnDemand in the same way. Or perhaps they won’t. We don’t seek that glory, just the satisfaction of a job well done through continuing evolution that helps businesses manage expenses more simply.

*Baird’s TV was essentially mechanical. It was Philo Farnsworth who conceived the electronic kind. Seriously.

Picture: Wavebreak Media Ltd | Dreamstime