Why ExpenseOnDemand is like a 21st century Sherlock Holmes

A fictional Victorian detective and a modern business expenses app can have no connection, surely? But think like Holmes, and it all becomes not only clear, but deceptively simple. As the great detective himself might have said (but never actually did), it’s elementary…

Sherlock Holmes solved crimes by looking for clues that were there, but simply not seen by those around him – and that’s a great business skill too.

Not that we can all have the same analytical mind as Conan Doyle’s famous Victorian detective; there would be no challenges left in life if we could.

And that’s where technology leaps to our rescue in all sorts of ways.

As far as your business is concerned, there are a great many pointers to increasing profitability in the company accounts and spending patterns – if only you could see them.

That’s what the pocket power expense tracker app ExpenseOnDemand can reveal for your business. Applied to the seemingly random collection of numbers that form your finances, it is the 21st-century equivalent of Sherlock Holmes’ magnifying glass and chemistry set. Here’s why.

Thorough. Just like Holmes, ExpenseOnDemand is thorough (well, so long as you’ve been diligent in entering all the details of your business expenses. “Insufficient data, Watson!,” we hear Holmes cry). The technology behind the business expense software allows capture of all your company spending in a number of ways – by keying it in on screen, by taking a photograph of the receipt, or even by voice command.

Analytical. Just like Holmes, ExpenseOnDemand is analytical. Presented with all the information, it will collate and marshal the numbers, and sort them in whatever way you ask it to, so that everything’s easily displayed, and you can use that to highlight where you’re spending more than you need to, presenting you with the facts that facilitate a sending reduction, and the consequent increase in the bottom line.

Simple. By the time Holmes had finished, the solution was always simple, and so it is with ExpenseOnDemand when it comes to expense tracking software. Once the details are in there, they’ll never be lost, and can be exported to a spreadsheet, if that’s what you really want to do, or, better still, direct to the accountant – look: that’s more time saved, right there!

Probing. The ability to investigate data that’s properly collated becomes simple. You’re able to delve deep into the real story of your business, told in its financial numbers, and highlight areas of weakness that are deserving of your attention. Remember, no detail of your business is too small for your attention for it has the potential to improve profitability. ExpenseOnDemand expense software will shine a light into the darkest corners of those details.

Crime-fighting. Well, Holmes did that, and did it in spades. A robust expense management system will do the same for any business, Remember, if it’s too easy for employees to inflate expense claims at the expense of your profitability, there’s a huge temptation for them to do it. Sadly, it goes on in companies up and down the land. It’s called fraud, and you need to do everything you can to stamp it out.

In the Conan Doyle stories Holmes was always exasperated by people who would say, when he’d explained his thought processes, that there was nothing clever in what he’d done. There always was, of course, and ExpenseOnDemand is no different – except that we don’t mind you thinking it’s a simple piece of expense management software, because it is. We’ve done the hard work to make it that way. Customers in almost 100 countries have fond that out by using our app. Why don’t you join them? One of our four software packages is free; there are free trials periods on others. Investigate them here. After all, who would have thought that such a powerful business tool could be picked up for absolutely nothing?

Picture: Pixattitude | Dreamstime