The future of password protection

Excuse me, what’s your password? Stop right there! Your first thought should be ‘I’m not telling you that!’, says guest blogger Jamie Mitchell – especially if you don’t know who’s asking.

More and more there are going to be attempts to access your personal information by stealing or cracking your passwords. Last year an estimated 2.6 billion online accounts were breached, and unfortunately it’s becoming easier and easier to break even the strongest passwords.

Now here’s the issue – we’re downloading a new app or signing up to a new subscription or creating a new online account every other day, and who can honestly say that they come up with a brand new password every single time? It’s surprising how many people rely on the same password for everything.

Whether it’s accessing just your name, your address or even your bank details, you need to be periodically changing your passwords – inventing new ones with every new account, each as unique and complex as the next.

This month’s app suggestion was built especially to solve this ever-growing problem. Out of the wide variety of password managers I found I’ve chosen to review Dashlane – a start-up founded in 2011 by Bernard Liautaud and his team. Built for ‘the two billion people that use the web’, not only is it one of the Editor’s top picks in the Appstore, but its attractive interface and positive reviews set it apart from the competition.

Dashlane’s Features
Dashlane fits the needs of any user who wants their online accounts kept secure. With a password generator you can create the strongest of passwords and know that they’re safe. For added peace of mind Dashlane keeps you up-to-date with security alerts if any of your accounts are breached and lets you change old passwords for new stronger ones at the touch of a button.

How many of you have auto-filled usernames and passwords saved to browsers? No more, now you can access all your accounts securely with Form Autofill – saving you the need to fill out your personal details or save your information in bowser, where it is much less secure. Plus, this password manager can also be your digital wallet, storing your card information ready to make secure purchases.

You may be thinking that having all your passwords in one place is a risky move. However, Dashlane is built like a vault – except that it’s much easier to carry. Dashlane stores passwords locally, using AES-256 encryption – which to you and me means it uses an Advanced Encryption Standard of protection.

Dashlane can create, store and reset your passwords at a touch of a button, and all you need to do is remember the one master password, which is never saved or sent to anyone else. Dashlane will also warn you if any of your accounts are being accessed from another device, and two-stage authentication is required if you do use another device. This means no nasty surprises with your online security and no nasty surprises when you come to claim back on expenses when using Solo Expenses.

Dashlane and Solo Expense
Dashlane is a password manager that can sit comfortably next to your expense manger app and work collaboratively towards making your life easier. Like Dashlane, Solo Expenses was built to keep you and your money safe. Both apps have the capacity to save your receipts – Dashlane will keep a copy of all your digital purchases made using their digital wallet and Solo Expenses allows you to snap a quick photo of everything else.

Expense Manager AppIn addition, Solo Expenses’ cloud based expense management tool allows both the small and medium enterprise to have complete control over their expenses – automating the process of expense claims by tracking mileage and reconciling credit cards. This takes away nearly all the manual work of expense claims. With more advanced options for the Business Owner, Solo Expenses accommodates the needs of accountant delegation and assured tax compliance.

You could argue that there’s always the option of scribbling down every new password you create onto a piece of paper or in a notebook – because we’re certainly not using the same one over and over again, are we?

But, what happens if that piece of paper goes missing or you don’t have the notebook to hand? The option is simple, would you keep all your receipts stuffed into a wallet if you could take a quick picture and store them ready to export – in an app that is going to handle all your expense needs?

These apps are crucial for all business use, especially if you manage everything from your mobile device. Just think, you were remembering one password for everything, now one password keep you much, much safer.