Accountants’ secret weapon saves time

Encouraging clients to use Solo Expenses to record any kind of spending in a fast and foolproof way saves time for them and their busy accountants, buying back time to use as they please – for efficient business or precious leisure.

Rain ran down the window in joyless streams on that desultory Monday morning, hurled there by a fierce March wind. Raz felt the weather was a perfect reflection of what was happening in his soul. As an accountant he relished the numbers that made up his daily round of professional work. He took great satisfaction in presenting perfectly-balanced books correct to the last penny; everything recorded and itemised in neat columns, telling the story of a business over its last trading year to those who understood the language.

managing-expenses1 The end of sloppy data collection by clients
Less appealing was the mining of the raw data he needed from the collection of paperwork referred to loosely as ‘records’ by his clients. But this Monday was different. It was the Monday on which he would have to start to make sense of the ‘records’ submitted by his nemesis, Wilf, the jack-of-all-trades odd-jobber who would turn his hand to just about anything, if there was a pound or two to be made. But what made this Monday different is that Raz had a plan to make sure it was the last time he would ever have to trawl through the ‘records’ kept by the wily Wilf. Raz had never seen why Wilf would want to produce final accounts (even though morally and legally he was required to do so). Wilf was the kind of character who might seem ideal material to slip into the shadowy world of the black economy, keeping no real books, and doing his banking from a chunky roll of notes in his trouser pocket.In Wilf’s world what passed for filing was wastepaper bins into which had been tossed, quite randomly through the year, a good proportion of the till receipts, invoices, and bills that were signposts of what he’d been doing. They included undated notes on the back of envelopes, and, as Raz recalled, there had once been a cigarette packet bearing some scrawled numbers.

Solo Expenses: Playing his ace
But this time was different. This time Raz had a plan that meant this year would be the last in which he had to trawl through two wastepaper bins as the start point to producing another set of pristine accounts. Raz had Solo Expenses.

Mr-Farage-pic-31Raz knew how easy the system was to use, and he knew how he was going to outsmart Wilf into using it. The carrot he planned to dangle involved telling Wilf he need do nothing at all with the pieces of paper. The ploy couldn’t fail. He’d played out the conversation in his mind over and over again. It went like this:
“You do know you don’t have to bother with all this, don’t you?”
The response; a puzzled look.
“You don’t have to keep all these pieces of paper. There’s a better way that will save us loads of time and effort.”
Another puzzled look.
“Look, I need to know what you’re spending, but you don’t have to keep all these scraps of paper.” At this point he would pull his smartphone from his pocket with a flourish, and thumb open his Solo Expenses app before smoothing out a crumpled receipt and photographing it. “Easy. It’s done, and sent to my computer. What could be simpler?”

Quite what Wilf would say to this sleight of hand magic Raz wasn’t sure, but he knew the wheeler-dealer would be convinced, especially when he played his ace. “And because it’s so much easier for me than this craziness,” (a wave of his hand over the sea of paper), “there’s a good chance my bill will be smaller because I’ll be spending so much less time sorting out your mess.”

The real reward from Solo Expenses: an easier life
That would clinch it. Wilf would be hooked, and Raz’s life would get easier because he’d convinced a client to become a SoloExpenses user.