Why you’re so important to expense management software from ExpenseOnDemand

The most important thing we’ve learned during almost two decades in the business of providing expense management software is that without you, our customers, we’re nothing.

And the second most important thing we’ve learned is that we must be responsive to change. The expense management solution that was wonderful in the early 2000s would, had we failed to develop it, be well past its sell-by date now.

That’s why we’d be naïve if we ignored customer feedback. Honest feedback is the roadmap to the future for any supplier of goods and services, because if the product doesn’t perform as customers want it to, they’ll stop using it, and spend their money with a competitor – and in the normality of a post-Covid world, that’s the last thing any company needs.

By taking a customer-centric view of our product, and listening to the feedback you give us, we’re able to develop the product in the most effective way.

With customers in 96 countries we receive lots of feedback about our product, how you want it to work for you, and how you want to pay for it. You could call it one of the largest ongoing customer surveys in the world.

So low cost it’s almost free

The result of all the feedback is always taken on board, and has shaped our product into the one you can use today. We have used customer feedback to create a highly-efficient expense management app at the lowest possible cost. So low, in fact, that there is every likelihood that, when you deploy it correctly, it’ll save you more money than it costs. And that’s a bold claim, but here are ten reasons why we think that:

  1. Our app can be integrated into your company accounts system, via the most commonly-used accounting packages like Sage 50, QuickBooks, Xero and Tally, so there is no need for multiple data entry
  2. The amount of time you’ll need to devote to admin tasks is greatly reduced, or even eliminated
  3. The use of GPS tracking for mileage claims reduces the potential for fraud (and we all know it happens, don’t we?)
  4. We’ll save you time with our app’s ability to read and record spending using your phone’s camera to photograph a receipt
  5. Because our app is smartphone based, expense claims can be made, approved and reimbursed on the move, anywhere in the world where there’s a WiFi signal
  6. We won’t commit you to a long-term contract
  7. All of our features can be turned on or off on your own customer dashboard, so you’ll never pay for things you don’t need
  8. Our charges are on a month-by-month basis, and are directly related to the number of claimants you have in your business. Flex the number up or down at will
  9. We can capture expenses in any currency, anywhere in the world, and convert the spend into any other currency
  10. And we have a £1 starter package for you to discover the financial advantage we can deliver for your company. That’s a lot of financial support for a small expense. What have you got to lose? Investigate ExpenseOnDemand for yourself, and discover why our care for our customers has made ours the expense management solution of choice for people in more than half of the countries on the planet.


Picture: Korn Vitthayanukarun | Dreamstime