Why we’re giving money away

Why we’re giving money away

Yes, you read that correctly. Solo Expenses is going to give money away. Once we’d had the idea, it didn’t take us long to think about it and come to a decision. The right decision.

How much? No limit. Are we mad? Certainly not. Why are we doing it? Simple. There are people out there worse off than we are – and probably much worse off than you are too. They deserve a helping hand, and that’s what we’re going to give.

giving-introductionWhy they need a helping hand isn’t really so important. It’s enough for us to know that they do. Perhaps they’ve been the victims of a natural disaster – you only have to think of the earthquakes in Nepal to see how people are helpless against the forces of nature. Or perhaps they’re struggling with a long-term illness, or caring for someone suffering from one. Or perhaps they’re just children, trapped in a meagre existence by a life of grinding poverty. They’re all people, just as we are. The difference is that in the lottery of life we hold a winning ticket. They don’t.

Backing for the volunteers

It’s fair to say that some people already help by giving time, dedication, and skill, and we take our hats off to them. However, those helpers are so often not well paid or even volunteers, and hampered by a lack of resources. By giving them financial support we can help to make their contribution more effective and more rewarding by providing the resources they so badly need to change lives for the better. It doesn’t need to be much to make a huge difference. Perhaps it’s respite care. Perhaps it’s a notebook and a handful of pencils in support of a better education. Perhaps it’s something as basic as clean drinking water.

So here’s the deal

Solo Expenses intends to give a proportion of its revenues to worthy causes somewhere in theGiving-Back1world. Let’s call it our contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility. And if you’re a Solo Expenses client, then it becomes part of your Corporate Social Responsibility too, because you’ll be funding the projects we choose simply by buying our app. For us as individuals the contribution might seem almost insignificant, but that’s a judgment based on our standards. In some places the results of a few pounds invested can be life-changing.

Who you’ll help through us

But how do we choose who to help? Now there’s the tough part. Choosing to give was easy; choosing who to give to is a real conundrum, because choosing one worthy cause means turning our back on another. And that’s why we’re not helping only one cause but a number. We’re still working out who that should be, and as the months roll by we’ll keep you up to date with the organisations we’re supporting, and with the results our joint help achieves.

And there’s something in it for you too. If you buy the SoloExpenses app, every time you look at it you’ll know that somewhere in the world someone is just a little happier because you did – so everyone’s a winner!