Why the Arctic Fox can help you to more efficient money management

An Arctic Fox changes his colour to suit the seasons; brown in the warmer months, and pure white when the snow comes – but inside, he is still an Arctic Fox.
Adaptability is part of his strategy for success; a special feature that makes him ideally suited to his environment the whole year round.

We’ve learned from the Arctic Fox, which is why we’ve built the same sort of adaptability into our free-to-download Solo Expenses, the only mobile app created to help sole traders manage their business expenses.

The result is that Solo Expenses looks very different from user to user, personalised by all of them to perfectly suit their business ¬– but crucially it delivers the same effective functionality for all of them.
Solo Expenses is stripped to its bare essentials to make it a fast, intuitive and easy-to-use way to keep an accurate check on what you’re spending, allowing you to keep your main focus on running your business.

Transform your business with Solo Expenses
The importance of effective money management can’t be over-emphasised. It can transform a business that’s ‘getting by’ into one that’s doing well, or lift one on the brink of failure back into financial safety.

Why the Arctic Fox can help you to more efficient money management-1 That’s because managing the money in a business is as important as keeping customers satisfied. Failure to keep track of spending will drain money away, little by little, without you noticing it until your read the bottom line with shock and surprise when the accountant sorts out your year-end figures.

But with Solo Expenses, that won’t happen. Using our app diligently means you never need to lose a receipt again; never forget to claim for something you spent because you needed it in a hurry, and never claim too little VAT back. (And on that last point, remember that the people who add VAT to the bills you have to pay never forget to do so, meaning that you’ll always pay it).

But here’s where the extra features of Solo Expenses can be used to make it truly yours; a business tool that so suits your business it appears to have been created exclusively for you, integrating perfectly into the way you work. Want to put your own company logo onto it? Sure, no problem. Want to set up a special mileage rate to calculate what to claim? Easy. Need to record expenses in a particular currency? Of course. Solo Expenses is used successfully around the world.

Having such flexible usability boosts the way Solo Expenses integrates with your business. You can generate reports about your spending at the flick of a thumb secure in the knowledge that if you’ve used one of several ways to record an expense, the app will have tracked it and will remember it for you.

And once you’ve personalised Solo Expenses and integrated it into the way you work (and you can do that for nothing with our free download here) there is extra functionality you can buy into for as little as £2.49 a month. At that price we’re just about giving it away anyway, and it’s more than likely that you’ll save more than you’re spending with us! Explore our web site to see just how effective our app can be.

Picture: Jamenpercy via Dreamstime