Why Solo Expenses is the best magician you ever saw

There’s no such thing as magic – just the viewer’s surprise and wonderment at something that appears magical, but is actually the result of lots of careful thought and practice leading towards perfection. At Solo Expenses, we believe our careful thought and planning have created an expense management tool that works like magic. We’re so convinced, we’ll even let you try it for free!

The best magic is the kind performed right under your nose, where you still can’t see exactly how the trick was done.

The first surprise is that the magician can pull off the trick at all; the second is that no matter how often he repeats it, you still can’t see how he’s doing it.

And that’s the magic of Solo Expenses in collating your spending, deserving of membership of the elite magicians’ club The Magic Circle.

Always assuming that you’ve entered the data correctly in the first place, the Solo Expenses smartphone app has a clever feature that allows you to filter and sort the records in any number of ways.

Expense analysis made easy
Expenses CategoryIt’s this feature that offers so much potential on a business and personal level, since it saves time in working out just what you spent on a particular business trip or holiday. But that’s only part of the story. Solo Expenses is a hugely flexible finance tool when it comes to tracking expenses, and has the capability to analyse your spending.

This comes under the ‘expense list’ feature, where you can almost instantly call up sending over a particular timeframe or under a particular heading. For instance, you could x=create a report showing your total spend over the last month, last week, or last weekend. You could ask for the amount you’d spent on car hire, publications, or any one of a number of pre-set categories offered in the app. If you need a category that’s not listed, then you can use the ‘miscellaneous’ feature to build your own.

All the detail is clearly displayed
When you’ve told the app what you want to see, it is displayed so quickly it appears like magic, showing each item’s details – date, location, value, and even a photograph of the receipt, so long as you too one at the time.

Because of the high-quality screen resolution on your phone, the detail of everything is crisp and clear. This is especially important in terms of the receipt, since you’re able to photograph it when it’s brand new, and don’t need to refer to it after two or three weeks when it’s been crammed into a coat pocket, and become barely legible as a result.

Once created, the report is ready for export to wherever you want to send it; perhaps to your desktop, to someone else in the company (if it’s an expenses claim, for instance) or to your accountant.

The result is more free time for you, because expense collation is done near instantly, and the potential to save money. You’re able to see precisely what your spend was, rather than merely having a ‘rough idea’; because of that you can see areas where savings can be made, and perhaps even decide on working differently to eliminate some cost areas completely. And if one of those areas concerns non-productive travel then hey presto! You’ve saved even more time.

Where to get the app
The entry level Solo Expenses smartphone app is free to download here; a regular monthly spend of less than £6 unlocks a host of other features, including the expense list facility