Why Prince Charles and our dolphin need your help

Join our environmental campaign by naming OUR dolphin. You’ll be supporting efforts to clean up the oceans, and saving yourself money into the bargain. What’s not to like?

Are you infuriated with fast-food wrappers strewn in the street? Probably – we’ve yet to find anyone who isn’t. Bad enough where we can see it, but at least it eventually gets picked up. But imagine what would happen if it was just left there. In a couple of weeks we’d be wading knee-deep in burger boxes and cardboard cups.

But that’s exactly what’s happening today where we can’t see it – in the oceans, where more and more plastic waste accumulates, where dolphins and other aquatic creatures swim through it and accidentally eat it. It kills them and is likely to get into the food chain, so we’ll eventually eat it too. Not a pleasant thought.

Name our sponsored dolphin
Why Prince Charles and our dolphin need your help-1
And that’s why we’ve decided to donate to the World Wide Fund. For Nature part of the profit we make from sales of our easy to use Solo Expenses finance tracking phone app. We’ve done it by adopting a bottlenose dolphin, and we’d like to hear your suggestions for a name, which you can give us here.  It’s our own way of giving something back, and it can be the same for your business too. By signing up for our service, for a near-giveaway monthly price of  £2.49, you’ll put yourself in a position to save money on your business or personal expenses, and be contributing to a number of good causes, which you can read about here. In fact, we’re so keen for you to be involved, you can download the app for a trial period completely free.

Prince Charles and the dolphin will be pleased
Our regular giving through this adopt a dolphin initiative will fund visitors into schools to explain the problem and what young people can do about it, and will support beach clean-up work.

The dolphin we’ve adopted will be pleased about that, and so, we’d like to think, would Prince Charles. Speaking in America earlier this year he said discarded plastics were a damaging and accumulating side-effect of our throw-away society. He said: “It is utterly crucial that we do much more to speed up the transition to a more ‘circular’ economy – that is to say, one in which materials are recovered, recycled and reused instead of created, used and then thrown away.
“On our crowded planet this has to be a critical part of establishing a more harmonious relationship between mankind and the natural environment which sustains us all. Enabling that transition requires sustained commitment on all sides including efforts to change consumer behaviour, promote long-term business thinking, improve the quality and quantity of recycling facilities and reform the policies of governments.” Three cheers for that, we’d say!

Sign up and you’ll be able to follow the progress of our selected good causes on the giving back page of our web site.

What’s in it for you?
1. A deserved pat on the back – because of our ‘giving back’ initiatives you’ll be supporting good causes
2. More money ¬– by using the app you’ll probably be able to save more than it costs to access it
3. More free time – because recording an entry for everything you spend can be done in seconds
4. Remember every expenses claim – because you can record everything you spend at the time you spend it, using the app on your phone
5. Accurate accountancy – because you can collate all the spending, make customised reports, and export them to your own spreadsheet and even to your accountant
6. A story to tell – because, if we were gambling people, we’d bet this is the first time you’d had the chance simultaneously to help Prince Charles and the world’s dolphins by putting more money in your own pocket. Go on, sign up for the app.