Why nothing much can actually be a substantial amount

What might seem a small amount to you might mean much more to the good cause you’re helping. money management app Solo Expenses, and you’ll make yourself richer both financially and spiritually. You’ll reduce wasteful spending, and you’ll be giving to the good causes we support on your behalf through our giving back initiative. Everyone’s a winner!

How often have you heard someone hand over a gift with those little words: “It’s nothing much”, as if they’re embarrassed to give it.

We always think the words are such a shame, since they appear to be based on the size and value of what’s being given – which ought to be the most insignificant factors about it.
What’s far more important is what lies behind it; a recognition of something far deeper; of friendship; of a shared moment; awareness that you’ve been through a difficult time and come out of the other side – or that you’re still in a very tough place.

Here’s an important part
It’s this latter group that is so important to Solo Expenses, and why we set such great store beside our ‘giving back’ work to a series of very worthy causes, which you can read about in detail here, or see an overview of further down this post. These causes are supported by us regularly sending funds to them, made possible by our clients, because without you buying our product there would be much less for us to give. And of course that means you’re supporting these good causes too – for an individual you should give yourself a pat on the back, and, for an organisation, you should factor it in to your Corporate Social Responsibility.

And this is even more important
Remember, although a small gift might be ‘nothing much’ to you; to these organisations it’s much more. For one thing, its value is higher to them because they have less income than we do, and very probably less of an ability to generate more. For another it shows that someone cares about their plight, which is in itself priceless. We’ve chosen to help causes with weak or non-existent voices that aren’t normally heard, but deserve to be heard anyway. And at Christmas time especially, in the face of all this excessive and wasteful consumption, it does us all good to remember that what’s ‘nothing much’ to us can mean the world to someone else. Sign up as a Solo Expenses client, and you’ll be helping them not just as Christmas, but all the year round.

Our chosen charities

Giving Back
  1. The Dhyan Foundation does excellent work for the underprivileged of Indian society. Twice a week, volunteers teach yogic practices to the blind girls. As a result, students report greater confidence and increased feelings of happiness.

2. Alzheimer’s Research UK is the leading research charity aiming to defeat dementia. Their pioneering work focuses on prevention, treatment and cure for an illness that can wreck lives not just of sufferers, but also of their families.

3. Footprints Orphanage is a children’s home in the Shimba Hills in Kenya. Founded by Kerry Watson from Burton-on-Trent in the UK, it provides shelter, food and water for orphaned and vulnerable children, alongside quality education, love, security and hope for the future in a family environment.

4. Sightsavers works to eliminate avoidable blindness and win equality for people with disabilities. The charity helps blind people to see, prevents others from going blind unnecessarily, and supports independent living for people whose sight loss can’t be undone.

5. Tongues on Fire is a not-for-profit organisation providing a platform for independent film and arts with a link to South Asia. It celebrates South Asian culture, and provides a platform for emerging talent – to commission emerging artists, showcase their work, to offer networking occasions with industry leaders and to provide inspiration and learning opportunities.

6. Worldwide Fund for Nature works to address the threats facing wildlife, habitats and people all over the world, every day, including deforestation, unsustainable consumption of precious natural resources, and the ever-present challenge of climate change.

7. And our adopted dolphin, called Hope. Through the WWF work is being done protect these incredible animals, by doing which we are helping preserve healthy marine habitats – which a large number of the world’s people rely on heavily for their livelihoods and food.