Why is our £1 Starter Pack good for business today?

Every year kids go back to school, and every mother knows this.  So, what is so special about this?  Yet, shops have this “Back to school” offer.  Every year they remind mothers that they have an action to complete, and there is a deal to be had, i.e., lower price than normal.

  1. Covid 19, whilst not a “back to school” action, is an opportunity to take an action, nonetheless. The action is to re-look at the way we work and do business.  An opportunity and time to “re-set” and see what works and what does not.
  2. With “Working from Home” and “Social Distancing the “new normal”, companies have to re-look at all their processes. Prune those that will not work and abandon those that have passed their “sell by date” in the “new normal”.
  3. One of the processes is how SMEs pay their employee expenses. Businesses with 5 to 50 employees still use paper and are manual.  For them paper is necessary.  However, in the “new normal”, where the Covid virus is still virulent, can they still risk handling paper?  They need to “go paperless”.
  4. Going paperless, means automating their employee expense management process. SMEs need to leverage the mobile technologies where employees can take a photo of the receipt; enter the expense on the phone and submit it.  The approver can then view this on their phone and approve it.  And finance, sitting remotely, can pay it.
  5. The big benefit is that automation of expenses will ensure “social distancing” and “going paperless”. All receipts and records sit in the cloud and available 365 days, 24×7.  Receipts never fade and spreading of the virus is zero.
  6. ExpenseOnDemand has on offer its starter pack at £1 per user per month, and offers the following benefits:
    • Expenses get captured instantly on the phone and are also submitted “in real time”.
    • Approvers can approve them on the phone on the go.
    • As an aside, a survey found that two-thirds of SME’s financial decision makers claim that managing expenses is their main concern. Should it be?  Instead the focus should be building sales.  Expense automation with ensure that decision makers spend less than 5% on this exercise!
    • Furthermore, apart from just saving time and money, the application also reduces fraud, and ensures the business is spending money where it is necessary.
    • We have made it really simple. On-boarding, to engage in a 30-day FREE trial, with 4 employees, is a 3-minute process.

Treating our customers with empathy is critical during these turbulent times, which is why our customers are at the heart of everything we do – a value offer to make work life better – revolutionizing expense management

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