Why a song sums up our approach to expense management software

It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it – that’s what gets results. Not our words, but we wish they were, because they sum up perfectly the ExpenseOnDemand approach to expense management software.

Those words have been made famous in song twice (we’ll remind you by whom at the foot of the post), and they apply to our app, because we believe expense management software should be capable of a complete end-to-end connection of the whole expense process, from the point of sale to the software in the finance department.

That’s why this month’s tip urges you to maximise the capability we’ve built into our app. Work the asset, and make it work for you. We’re confident that an exploration of our app will leave you surprised about the power in your smartphone that can be accessed at the flick of a thumb. And it’s the way you use the app that gets the best results.

Sure, we can allow claims, approvals, and reimbursement in the blink of an eye – that’s the barest minimum any expense management app should be capable of.

But you need to know that our app is much more powerful, with much more to offer your expense management process.

Before you even get to the point of using it, the software is working for you. It can help you devise and implement an expenses policy, so that all employees who’ll be claiming expenses know the rules before the game begins.

So, what can we provide, beyond that simple claim-approve-reimburse cycle. There’s a lot to get through; buckle up…

Other invaluable features include:

  1. GPS tracking or accurate mileage claims
  2. Set up your own mileage rates
  3. Photography of receipts creates instant virtual paper trail
  4. Get real-time insights into business expenses, allowing you to make changes and monitor efficiency
  5. Receipt ‘reader’ uses phone camera to record date, value of spend, and payee
  6. Filing of individual expenses under headings that suit your company, so you can track expenses on a department-by-department basis
  7. Integration with credit cards, allowing automatic management and reconciliation of expense reports
  8. Works anywhere in the world, so long as there’s a mobile or WIFI signal
  9. Converts spend in any currency to any other currency
  10. Produces expense reports, so you can understand where funds are going to meet expenses
  11. Seamless one-click integration with accountancy packages including Sage 50, QuickBooks, Xero, and Tally
  12. Infinite scaleability – add and remove expense-claiming employees
  13. More than 20 features to select on our customer dashboard
  14. Create a bespoke expenses package by selecting the features you want, and paying only for those. Change the features whenever it suits you
  15. No long-term contracts
  16. Earn 30% commission by referring others to our service – for as long as they remain our customers

And here’s something else we predict – that as an ExpenseOnDemand customer the money you spend with us is very likely to amount to less than the amount by which you’ll be better off, because not only will the use of our expense management software save money, it will also save on that most valuable resource of all – time. Remember this; you can usually earn more money, but once time is spent, that’s it; it’s gone. And whoever went to work saying: “I love doing admin.”?  That’s what we’re here for – to bring a breath of fresh air to your expense management system.

First the song, now here’s the singer: Ella Fitzgerald in the Thirties, Fun Boy Three with Bananarama in Eighties.

Picture: Segiomonti | Dreamstime