What’s the best expense tracking app for Android and iOS?

So what does an old windmill like this have to do with identifying the best app to track expenses? On the face of it, not much – but look deeper, and there’s a lesson hidden in the clunky old mechanism. Stuart Pearcey explains…

Once upon a time, this old windmill was at the cutting edge of technology; the last word in grain milling machinery. And although it looks a bit ramshackle now, there’s every chance that it could still produce flour, after a fashion.

But ask yourself why it’s got into this state. The answer is a simple one. There are better ways of making flour in the 21st century.  It couldn’t keep pace with demand. It wasn’t fast enough.

And so it is with expense tracking software. Back in the day there was no such thing as an expense tracker app, and expense tracking involved hand-written ledgers. And no doubt quill pens too, at some time in the past. I can recall depositing money in the bank and having it recorded by a man with a fountain pen. (I didn’t think it was so long ago until I wrote that. Good heavens, that was a sobering thought). The other thing I recall about that experience was having to go into the bank and wait my turn in a queue. No time for such quaintness nowadays!

Picking the best expense tracking apps for Android
Like the windmill, those things have passed into history; have become quaint and anachronistic. And quite right too. There are better ways. But before plunging into the world of the expense manager app, pause and think which one you ought to be using, because they’re not all the same.

And here’s the lesson of the tired old windmill. Over a much shorter timeframe the best expense tracker apps have evolved as well, introducing new features to make expense management so simple even a child could do it.

ExpenseOnDemand is like that. The first software of its kind to be created exclusively with the sole trader in mind, it now comes in four discrete packages, each of them with the perfect set of features for the target market. From the individual managing a personal budget (which is, and always will be, a free download) to powerful bespoke software suitable for expense management in corporate organisations with thousands of employees, every base is covered.

New expense tracker developments
And new developments regularly appear too, like the latest one, allowing expense approval from a smartphone. It might not seem much, but for busy executives time is often the most precious resource, and being able to make the most of every available minute. Imagine the benefit: all the necessary expense approvals sorted in that ‘dead time’ on the daily commute, leaving the mind and desk clear for the really important strategic decisions when you get to the office.

Of course the continual addition of new features in the ExpenseOnDemand expense tracker app stable means the list of features is long, and comparing them would take far longer than the space available in this blog post. That’s why we’ve evolved the feature comparison into an easy-to-follow table that you can find here.

The evolution of the ExpenseOnDemand expense management app has endeared it to users in almost 100 countries, and all of them think it’s the best expense tracker app, or they wouldn’t be using it. If you’re not a user yet, check out our website and see how you could benefit. Or carry on with the ledger and the quill. Put like that, I’d say there’s only one choice. Which is why the windmill is little more than a feature on the landscape, with no practical purpose any more, because it didn’t evolve…