What we’ve been reading: June 2015 business tips round – up

As you might expect from an app company that blogs, we spend lots of time online in search of interesting stories, useful tips and unusual shortcuts.

Here are our favourite finds from the past month.

1. Reach Goals Faster by Reviewing and Reiterating Habits Every Three Days by Patrick Allan on Lifehacker

tips-300x181This is one of those blog posts we wish we’d written, because it expresses a beautiful idea in very few words. The headline gives you an accurate idea of what it’s about, and it features wonderful lines like, ‘Developing habits to help you reach your goals is a lot like developing software: you won’t know what doesn’t work until you test it out.’ You can see what that struck a chord with us!


2. 9 Addictions 90% of Us Struggle With by Marc Chernoff on the Marc and Angel Hack Life blog

Following on the bad habit theme, the premise of this blog post is that everyone is an addict, and that there are 9 things humans are, by nature, addicted to. They’re things like ‘wanting and expecting everything to be easy’ and ‘dreaming of what could have been, or should have been.’ As entrepreneurs that have started and built up businesses, we are definitely guilty of all 9 – and it was very useful to read them articulated in this way. Now we have a list of 9 habits to review every 3 days.


3. Public Relations for Small Businesses — Does That Exist? By Alex Yong on Small Business Trends

This article talks about a new model of PR agency being launched in the US – one that’s specifically aimed at small businesses who can benefit from the exposure but face real cash flow constraints. The business model is based on franchisees using cloud-based technology to share expertise and deliver projects more profitably. It’s an interesting way to scale a business and to meet the needs of a specific customer base.


4. 4 Reasons to Create a Community Before You Launch Your Startup by Susan Jones on Ready Set Startup

Know-Your-Customer-300x266The tips in this blog post point towards the importance of knowing your customer base before you invest time and money in launching your new business or product. Once you know exactly who you’re targeting, you can tailor your product/service and messaging to meet their needs.


5. Are You Hiring Smart? On Fast Company

This one-minute video gives useful recruitment tips, because, as the caption says, ‘No one likes accidentally hiring a jerk.’


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