We’ve enhanced our app to make your expense management solution faster

The one constant in business is change. Every achievement becomes the place from which to search for the next objective; the next peak to be scaled.

That’s the philosophy that has driven ExpenseOnDemand since we launched our online expense management tool in 2003, and it remains so today.

And that’s why we’ve enhanced our app even further. Capitalising on the enhanced power of the smartphone backed by superfast broadband we have made our app even more powerful in support of making your expense management solution faster and easier to manage.

Our objective is to make your business more efficient by saving time on the tedium of admin – which is all vital, but adds nothing to the bottom line. Instead it sucks up time that could be better spent in so many ways, like talking to customers, launching new products, or simply taking more personal time to safeguard your own mental wellbeing – and that’s more vital now than ever.

All of which is why we have enhanced our online expense management app still further. We have revamped the menu to make navigation faster and simpler, performance is enhanced, and (the most important part) we’ve made expense recording, claiming approval and reimbursement much slicker.

Why is that important? Our thinking about online expense management is that no business can truly be efficient if it isn’t in control of its finances. Examined carefully, they are the barometer of business, telling a story far more important than mere profit and loss. Knowledge is power, and knowledge of company finances gives you the power to predict the future.

Our system takes care of the expense management part of that picture. Using our app, you’ll be able quickly to record not only what has been spent, but where, on what, for what reason, and why. You’ll be able to highlight the peak areas on your spending on expenses, and to decide if the money has been well spent, or is actually a drain on your resources.

The peaks of spending (which you’ll be able to identify instantly because we allow you to charge expenses to cost centres, departments, or even individuals) will highlight the areas to search for potential savings. You’ll be able to look out for ways to do things differently, reducing spend with no loss in revenue – in fact, the reverse could be true; a reduction in cost equals an increase in profit. Who wouldn’t want that?

And we’ve supported that with the way we’ve built our pricing package. It has no excess baggage adding unnecessarily to your costs. Instead we offer a customer dashboard that you can use to select the features you need, completely ignoring the ones you don’t. We’ve even produced an online cost calculator so you can work out exactly what you’ll spend before committing to spending it. And if you change your mind, that’s no problem at all. You can add or delete features from your expense management package faster that it takes to write about it, and we’ll charge you for only what you use, which puts you in complete control. And is that where you deserve to be when it comes to business costs?

Picture: Elnur | Dreamstime