The ultimate cheat sheet on expense management software for small businesses

The gimlet eyes tell you this is not a man to be messed with. He’s not an accountant, and more used to dealing with issues of a more ‘physical’ nature. But these days we don’t do business with swords and cudgels; there are better ways. Business expense management software is one of them…

No-one is good at everything. That’s why medieval monarchs, at home with a dash of international diplomacy, were a bit more reticent when it came to the rough stuff.

They opted to use ‘champions’ to fight their battles; men more comfortable with the sword and the lance. And that’s a lesson for the 21st-century ‘ruler’, even though his or her kingdom is more likely to be a company rather than a country.

Don’t run away with the notion that we’re advocating lashing out with a blunt instrument; after all, the Health & Safety people might have something to say about that. Anyway, expense management software for small business is a much more subtle and effective tool, and big business as a result.

However, stick with the ‘knight in shining armour’ theme. Our medieval monarch had better things to do with his time than getting into punch-ups. He had a country to run. And if you’re running a business you can’t afford to devote time to non-core activities; things that aren’t generating revenue.

Of course controlling expenses is still important, so it’s not to be ignored, but it’s best not to get too deeply involved in the detail, which has the potential to eat up too much time. The way forward is therefore to cheat. Get a champion involved. Get some business expense software.

We’ll be your champion
The best expense management software for small business is much more than a way to add up what you’ve spent. At Solo Expenses, where we’ve been a champion of expense management app technology since 2003, we have developed four solutions that will provide an expense management system for anyone from the private individual to a corporate entity employing thousands.

All of the packages are based on the same business ethos – that spending can be recorded in multiple ways, and the inputs collated and interrogated to show areas for financial or process improvement in the business (or the individual’s wallet, for that matter).

Our ‘Enterprise’ package is a bespoke tool, with a significant number of features that can be built in to suit the company’s requirements, but for the other three the features are clearly listed on our web site here.  Whilst the personal use option is permanently free, the small business ones come with a fortnight’s free trial, but even when you find out how effective they are, and decide to use them going forward, they can still work out to be free. That’s because tighter expense control will undoubtedly lead to savings that more than cover the cost of your investment in our technology. After all, we don’t succeed unless you do, so your business must be profitable for ours to be so too.

Pick your battles, With the help of the Solo Expenses expense manager app, controlling expenses doesn’t need to be one of them.

Customers in almost 100 countries
It would be arrogant of us to say we produced the best expense management software for small business, but with our range of solutions aimed at different kinds of clients, and users in almost 100 countries, we believe we’re up there. But you decide. Have a look at our product packages here, and pick the right one to fight your expenses battles for you. Look at the prices too; we believe we’re extremely cost effective, and that’s another expense managed before you’ve even begun!

Picture: Alecksandar Todorovic | Dreamstime