Is It Time to Audit Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

As businesses around the world are looking for new ways to attract customers and tighten their bottom line, it’s remarkable just how many of those businesses are still overlooking some of the essentials of digital marketing. After all, putting a little extra care into your online presence can pay huge dividends in the long-term. If your business hasn’t fully embraced digital marketing, you may be missing out on a huge segment of your audience and wasting more money than you realize. Not only is it more cost-effective than traditional marketing, but it can be highly targeted to reach just the right audience. There’s a good reason why the global ad spend is now higher for online ads than for television ads. That trend is projected to continue while television ad spending remains mostly stagnant. Whether you’ve already built an effective online presence, or you’re just getting started, it’s a good idea to periodically run a self-evaluation based on the points below.


Brand Consistency
Is your website design consistent with your brand? Does it reflect a unified aesthetic, tone, and voice? Is it easy to navigate? If you were a customer visiting the site, what would your first impression be? A disjointed website with an uneven tone can be off-putting, so make sure that everything is consistent with your vision of the company. Once it’s is in order, make sure that your social media profiles reflect the same unified branding as well.


Know Your Customers
Do you know who your customers are? Do you know how to reach them and what messages they’ll respond to? If not, you risk wasting advertising dollars on unfocused campaigns. Is it possible that your audience has changed since the last assessment? Learn more about your customers by sending surveys, holding focus groups, or doing market research. Your messaging must appeal to those demographics and address their pain points, or it could fall on deaf ears.


Keep in Touch
Do you offer a mailing list? Is it easy to sign up? Even in the age of social media, email remains a highly effective means of reaching an audience. Provide special offers, like free ebooks, in exchange for an email address. That database of customers could be worth its (virtual) weight in gold.

Don’t forget to engage with customers on social media and review sites like Yelp. Acknowledge their criticisms and thank them for their praise. Don’t be defensive or confrontational. Engagement can give customers a sense of connection to a brand and can even make negative experiences seem more positive.


Release Content Regularly
Remaining top of mind among your followers is important. You can do this by releasing new content on a regular basis. Blog articles will keep them coming to your website, and posts on Facebook or Instagram can seamlessly insert your brand into their feed. Regular blog updates can even help boost your website’s search engine rankings. Your content will be most effective if it provides value to the customer. Depending on your brand, it could be informative and helpful or just entertaining. If you’re not already creating content, consider allocating some resources to this task.

Too many businesses make up their digital marketing campaigns as they go. Set aside some time to create a unified strategy across your website, social media, and digital ads. A small amount of planning can do wonders for keeping your brand consistent all across the web and for creating a superior customer experience.