There’s always someone worse off than you – but our expense management app helps to redress the balance daily

“And you thought you were badly done by, having to stay indoors with me during lockdown,” said Ron, looking at his life Lorna over the top of his spectacles and the newspaper simultaneously.

“Yes dear,” she replied, head bent over her latest crafting project.

“I’m serious,” said Ron. “We went through a spell of having no toilet rolls and no pasta, but at least we still had a bathroom and a kitchen,” he said. “We were in paradise compared to these poor people. And we are even more so now. The news was all about panic buying and lockdown and political shenanigans whilst they were losing whole houses and being killed by a cyclone. Didn’t make the papers at the time. Look.” He turned the paper around and pointed to a story about the aftermath of super cyclone Amphan, which had swept through parts of India and Bangladesh, killing scores of people and making many more homeless.

Lorna dutifully paused the YouTube video whose instructions she’d been following, took off her spectacles and looked. “Yes dear,” she said. “I’m pleased to see it’s made the papers now, but I can’t imagine what it must be like.”

Ron was breathing in to tell her exactly what it was like, but she cut him short. “Don’t go mansplaining it to me, from a position of having no experience whatsoever of the plight of these poor people. And I don’t mean ‘poor’ in the ‘not wealthy’ sense, though they often are. They’re the people whose lives are always tougher than ours, and we don’t – or we shouldn’t – need a cyclone to remind us that they’re there.

“That’s why the Giving Back initiative run by ExpenseOnDemand – you know, the people who make the expense management app that our son Ollie uses to manage work expenses – is so important. It recognises what most of us don’t, which is that there is always someone worse off than us, and seeks to do something about it. And that’s not just when a cyclone blows into town, but all the time,” she said.

Ron sat back in his chair, saying: “Well, if you put it like that…”

“I do put it exactly like that. It shouldn’t need a cyclone or a flood or some other natural disaster to remind us that there are people for whom life is a permanent struggle.  We should be aware of it all the time, and act accordingly. That’s why Ollie says he uses the ExpenseOnDemand app.”

“There are lots of expense management apps on the market,” said Ron. Lorna agreed. “There are – but not all of them go out of their way to share profits with orphans in Africa, blind girls in India who can’t get an education, victims of the sex trade, and even children who can’t get a lunch at school. That’s what makes ExpenseOnDemand different; providing the wherewithal for volunteers to make a difference for people on the lowest rung of life’s ladder. People we will never meet, but just because we’ll never meet them is no reason to turn our back on them. That’s what Ollie says.”

“Well,” said Ron. “There’s not much more to say than that. I think I’ll ring Ollie and ask him more about the charities he’s helping.”

“No need. Read this.” Lorna thrust her phone at him.

This is a link to the page she’d turned up on the internet Perhaps you’d like to read it too, and then find out how switching to the ExpenseOnDemand expense management app could save you money and offer some hope to people who might otherwise have neither hope nor money…


Picture: capri23auto via Pixabay