The free gift that puts more money in your pocket

Solo Expenses offers a powerful free gift to help you control your outgoings and built a fund to invest in life’s little luxuries.

blog-010-hourglass-solo-expenses-free-gift-300x200The trouble with living your life one day at a time is that sometimes, several of them sneak up on you all at once, stretching your finances so far in all directions that they reach breaking point.

Money flows uncontrollably through your fingers like the sand in an hourglass. Unexpected bills arrive like the flurry of blows aimed at the boxer already on the ropes. Perhaps for the car, or for the central heating boiler, never mind the wedding on the horizon – and as for a holiday or a meal at a swanky restaurant, dream on!

But don’t you deserve better? Wouldn’t you like the power to halt the unrelenting trickle of sand; to turn the hourglass on its side for a while; even to turn it back the other way and build a cash reserve to bolster you against the nasty shocks and provide a fund for life’s little luxuries?

The Solo Expenses free money management tool

The plain truth is that with the free Solo Expenses money management tool that’s exactly what you can do. You really can. It’s a simple, easy-to-use app you can download for nothing here on our web site. Use it to record and itemise everything you spend anywhere, in just one place. Just a flick of the thumb on your phone will capture any kind of receipt or mileage expense, making them all instantly available, anywhere, at any time.

capture-receipt-300x200And here’s the twist.

This may be the first time you’ve recorded everything you spend. Admit it; no-one’s looking. If you’ve never recorded everything you spend at work or in your private life, then your spending is out of control – because you can’t control what you don’t (or can’t or won’t) measure. Your discipline in recording everything you spend will allow you to see where your money goes, and, armed with that knowledge, you can see where economies can be made. Do you really need to buy a coffee shop coffee every morning, with a pastry on Fridays? That’s almost £70 a month! How much are those twice-a-week pub lunches costing? Wow; about £95 a month! Those two spending streams alone are costing about £2,000 every year. What could you do with an annual £2,000 windfall? Well hello, holidays!

The list of potential savings goes on. Everyone’s will be different, but recording what’s spent is the only way anyone can see where their money’s gone, and what they could change to keep more of it.

This is how it works

It doesn’t take long to explain how Solo Expenses works; that’s part of its charm. Using your phone’s camera, microphone or keypad you can note every penny spent, and organise it in an easily understood way. Records remain confidential, and are easy to export from there to Microsoft Excel, which is understood by most accountancy packages. It really is as simple as the flick of a thumb. We explain what little extra detail there is under the features tab on our web site here.

Earn-Commission-300x200But that’s not the whole story. For an investment of just £2.49 a month (less than the price of a just one skinny cinnamon latte) we can offer even more functionality, including a brilliant idea – not only can you capture and collate your spending, but you can send it all to your accountant as well.

And there’s even more: if you can encourage other people to become Solo Expenses users, we’re prepared to pay you commission you could use to top up your holiday fund. We’ll explain that in another blog later; for now, just download our free app, reach for some holiday brochures, and dream of sand beneath your toes, instead of slipping through your fingers….