The expense management experience is more than cosmetic

Solo Expenses and Elizabeth Arden have a lot in common in spite of being in entirely different business sectors. We both believe satisfied customers and repeat business build reputation and business success…

Although later this year will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Canadian-American businesswoman Florence Nightingale Graham, the cosmetics company she founded is alive and well.

We’d suggest that it thrives today because of its reputation amongst millions of customers who trust its name, the one Graham eventually became known by on her way to becoming one of the world’s wealthiest women: Elizabeth Arden.

This pioneering businesswoman never underestimated the value of reputation in building her brand; indeed, she has been quoted as saying: “Reputation builds reputation, and reputation builds customers.”

Working in our highly-specialised ‘finance/IT hybrid’ niche, we’re in a completely different business to the Elizabeth Arden empire, but our business stands or falls on the experience of our customers, just as hers still does 50 years after her death.

Because we recognise the value of satisfied customers, Solo Expenses, and its big brother Expense on Demand, and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our valued clients who find our expense manager products invaluable to their businesses.

Money Management AppsThere are many thousands of them, spread through more than 92 countries, who have found that our products make money management so much slicker, more accurate and easy to do.

Take this comment, just as it was sent to us: “This clever little app is a godsend! For those of you who are all too familiar with the pain of having to diligently store receipts, this app eases the pain of having to log business expenses. I love the ease of navigation and user friendly menus. Very useful functionality to take photos of receipts with the camera for back-up/ accounting trail. Thoroughly recommend!”

And how about this one: “This app is so helpful, I’m a consultant and it’s made life so much easier with the photo ability rather than leaving me to keep track of paper slips!”

Those comments relate specifically to free-to-download Solo Expenses, so far as we know the only expense manager app created specifically to help sole traders keep a track of their business expenses. But although that’s who we had in mind when we created it, others have found that its versatility makes it equally valuable for them, which we take as a great compliment in a marketplace crowded with money management apps. We know of students who keep track of their budgets using it; of busy mums who manage household expenses with it; of families who record abnormal holiday spending with it, so there are no nasty shocks when the credit card bills drop onto the mat after they’ve arrived home.
Another client told us: “No more lost receipts. I photograph them and they are available for ever.”

The bottom line is that our simple app offers intuitive navigation on a smartphone, at the swipe of a thumb. It really is that simple.

However, larger organisations need more powerful equipment, which is why we also offer Expense on Demand, which is set up for organisations with employees numbering into the thousands.

Expense management for them can be as tough as it can be complex – but Expense on Demand cuts through that, as one leading parcel company told us: “Without Expense on Demand we would need two more full time staff just to process (expense) claims.”

The ease with which a company can start using it could hardly be summed up better than by this comment from another satisfied user: “We are a 93-claimant SME. It took ten minutes to set this up, and we have 100% expense compliance – at ZERO cost.”

What can we say? Until you’re part of the Solo Expenses family, you won’t know just how its simplicity and versatility can help you on so many levels. And if you’re part of a larger organisation, can you truly say that your expense management is as easy and effective as it could be?

Try out Solo Expenses or Expense on Demand today. We’d be interested in your feedback. And we’d like to imagine that if our software had been around when Elizabeth Arden was at the peak of her business powers, she would have found a place for it in her organisation. We’d have been made up by that!