Sources of inspiration for your blogs

So the world’s on line, and you’re a publisher, with the power to tap into a global audience to promote your business. It really is quite literally at your fingertips. But what should your promotional message be? Here are a handful of inspirational ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Whatever you post on line needs to be objective, accurate, and interesting. That goes without saying, and these thought-starters are intended to give you a flying start to writing creative and readable posts.

Offer advice: Do you see lots of people making the same mistake, which they could avoid with your help? Don’t be mean, write a post about it to stop others falling into the same trap. Doing so enhances your reputation as one of the ‘good guys’, and who knows what new business that might result in down the line?

How are customers doing?: Third party endorsement for your own products or services is a great starting point, and they give your own clients free publicity too. A builder might write about having extended a restaurant as the basis for an expanded venue, or a dance teacher might talk about a former pupil having won a job in a West End show.

Share industry news: Building yourself a reputation as someone who has a finger on the pulse of your own industry is another reputation-enhancer. Imagine you’re a customer of your own, and think about the things that it would be important for you to know about.

Push a flash sale: Not so much a blog post at first, more a piece of email marketing to tell clients what’s going on – but maximise the benefit afterwards by summarising what happened. Wrap all the numbers together in a post for everyone to see. The main message should be something like: “Several hundred clients saved thousands of pounds or dollars between them at our latest flash sale. You could make savings like that too the next time we have a sale. To be included on our sale circulation list, email us your contact details now!”

Be an expert: People do business on trust, and they trust people who know what they’re doing. Prove you know what you’re doing with regular posts sharing hints and tips. If you’re in the home security business, you might want to highlight areas for action suggested by new crime statistics

Broaden your horizons: Write about things that are only of tangential interest to your business. If you own a restaurant, you might write about trends towards traceability of food, or what fruits or vegetables are coming in to season. You might share a recipe or two using them, or even explain how you’re putting them onto your own menu.

Whatever you do, its objective is to make people think they already know and trust you, and therefore more likely to want to do business with you. And here’s the best part: You already know most of the topics you could write about; it’s just a question of bringing them to the forefront of your mind. Happy blogging!