Solving the puzzle of instant currency conversion

How much is it? Is it a bargain or a rip-off? It’s an expense management conundrum faced by many foreign travellers contemplating a purchase in another country – but never fear; expense management app Solo Expenses has it covered for more than a staggering 130 currencies.

Quite apart from unfamiliar food, cultures, and climates, getting the hang of foreign currency can be another headache that takes the gloss off foreign travel.

But it doesn’t have to do so. If, like so many of us, you don’t know your baht from your peso, help is at hand. Expense manager app Solo Expenses is not only perfectly happy to work in more than 130 currencies from around the world, but also to convert them back to any other currency that you’re more familiar with. Instantly. And that means you’re a little closer to home, even in the depths of some foreign market.

The snippet of instant information can be revealed on your phone before you commit to spending anything, which simply adds to the versatility of this expense management app that, being in your phone, is with you at all times.

You’ll need to tell the app the prevailing exchange rate, but that can be a help, because it won’t matter that you may not always have an internet connection since the information is already in your phone.

Try this functionality for free
If you’re already a Solo Expenses expense manager, you may know of this feature – but equally, if you’ve never needed it, you may not. And if you’re not doing expense management with our app already, perhaps now would be a good time to start.

Solo Expenses is a free-to-download expense manager app, so you can try this currency conversion feature for yourself at no charge. Here’s how:

Firstly, visit the web site and download the app (or you can get it from Google Play or the App Store, if you’d prefer).

Once you have it downloaded, open the app. Click ‘create expense’ and select a category. Under the date you’ll see the space in which you should enter the value of any particular spend. To the right of that is the currency button, which is probably set to your home country. Click that, and select the currency of the country you’re in. You’ll need to add an exchange rate too.

Just below a second currency box will appear. This is where you should enter the currency you’d like to see the value appear in. Select the appropriate currency and the foreign currency will be converted to your own. 

And there’s more…
Instant currency conversion for just about any two currencies is only a tiny fraction of the power of Solo Expenses in terms of delivering effective expense management. Developed more than a decade ago as the first app with the sole trader in mind, the tiny app with considerable powers has been continuously enhanced and developed since then. There are now four levels offered to clients, from the ‘personal use’ one, delivered free for ever for individuals to use, to the corporate model intended for companies with employees numbering into the thousands. In between there are the ‘business owner’ and ‘SME’ versions. Costs vary, as do the features included in each package. Business owners and SMEs get a 14-day free trial, after which the cost to a Business Owner is £2.49 per user per month, and to an SME process start at £30 a month for up to 20 users. Its harder to price for our most powerful package, the ‘Enterprise’ level, because there are so many variables that we prefer to establish a bespoke solution for larger organisations.

 Watch the cost disappear
However, although these are the prices to pay at all four levels, the net cost is likely to be considerably smaller, and it’s possible that your organisation will make a gain through reduced spending and time saved in processing expenses. On that basis, we’d be confident to argue that when it comes to expense management, Solo Expenses is the expense manager app that has the power to put money back into your pocket. The only way to test that claim accurately is to start using our product, and discover the benefit for you or your organisation. Find more details here.