Why ExpenseOnDemand is the Uber of the money management app world

The Uber cab business model is the ultimate click and connect service. You click, someone connects, and you have a taxi ride, with just two people in the business transaction. ExpenseOnDemand has fine-tuned that concept even further and refined it so there is just one person involved: you.

Uber is German for ‘about’. It’s a good name for a cab company and sums up perfectly what it has set out to do: get you about.

But give ‘about’ another meaning, and suddenly you’re at the heart of the business proposition, when it’s all about you.

And isn’t that what the modern ‘on demand’ world has created? A system that puts us, as individuals, at the centre of everything?

Doing so requires app developers to step back and see the word through their clients’ eyes, and to see what works best for them. Uber decided it was the ability to get in touch with a cab driver who wasn’t far away and could be on hand to pick you up quickly.

Of course, there are side issues with Uber; the way the company operates is causing waves in cities around the world. But that doesn’t diminish the out-of-the-box thinking behind the need for on demand transport; a system that facilitates the connection between two individuals for mutual benefit.

That’s our business model, right there
Mind you, that’s not a new notion for ExpenseOnDemand, because we were basing our business model on it years before Uber came along, offering on demand online expense management solutions when the smartphone, with all its power and versatility, was just beginning to get into its stride.

We have turned the small business expense management software into the Uber of expense management software for small business, making you, as the user, both supplier and customer. Supplier because you input the data about your business expenses; customer because the data you get back facilitates better business decisions through a deeper understanding of the facts, rather than the suppositions, about the way your business works, and the way the money flows in and out of it on a daily basis.

Like Uber, we have done all the hard work on the background, presenting, at the front end, the simplest of interfaces you’re able to operate with the flick of a thumb.

Our reach is far wider than Uber’s; we can cross continents with ease. Our travel and expense management software operates in multiple currencies, switching easily between them, and we can even work in more than one language.

Built with your business in mind
We have created the facility to make our software dovetail beautifully with your business, giving you the option to create or delete expense categories at will, and the whole thing is wrapped up in the perfect ‘on demand’ package. Not only is it available wherever there’s WiFi, but we have repackaged our offering so that you can dip in and select whichever features you need from our selection. Some you can’t turn off – but why would you want to? They’re free for ever. The others can be added or deleted as and when you need them, on a rolling contract basis, so, like Uber, you’ll pay for only what you need, when you need it.

So, just as Uber gets get you where you want to go, so ExpenseOnDemand tells you what you need to know – on demand and at your fingertips.