To all Solo Expenses’ satisfied customers – thank you

…and to all the people who aren’t customers yet, wouldn’t you like to make positive changes to your finances just like the people featured on our new web site? There’s no time like the present to find out about our money management apps and no easier way to do it than on our new-look easy-to-navigate web site.

One man has saved his company £250,000 a year; a woman has proved to her husband that she needed more money; and a student has learned to eat more healthily.
Those are just three of the success stories from people who have learned how their lives and fortunes can be changed with the help of our products Solo Expenses and its big brother Expense on Demand.

Simply by understanding expense management better they’ve all been able to become better expense managers with the help of our intuitive and simple-to-use systems.
Brought together on the same new easy-to-follow website, these two great resources have already changed the lives of many thousands of people, as the web site explains. We’re great believers in third-party endorsement; having satisfied customers talking about our business is a far more powerful recommendation than talking about it ourselves.
And what stories they have to tell! They’ve all picked up on the range of benefits our software offers – read about them here.

The range of resources we can offer to support expense management for anyone from students to large corporations is just too long to go into in one blog – there are just so many of them, from compliance issues through culture change, expense policy, working with HMRC, reporting, P11D and VAT claims! You can discover them all here on our resources pages.

Here’s the best part – it won’t cost you anything
Expense Management SystemNot only are Solo Expenses and Expense on Demand versatile, intuitive and effective, they’re also excellent value for money management apps. For individual users like pensioners, students, or any kind of private user for that matter, we’ll give you the basic functions for nothing. That’s right. The Solo Expenses app is free to download and use.

There are charges, of course – but we’d be very surprised if you don’t recoup far more than you pay us every month by having tighter control on expenses, and doing it in much less time that you’re spending on the work now. Business owners can unlock all the benefits in a free 14-day trial, after which it can cost as little as £90 a month for SMEs with up to 100 users, or even less for smaller organisations.

And if you have several hundred or even several thousand on the payroll, we can help you too. We’ll talk to you about how to implement the system, and what features you need, and sort out a price that’s unique to you – but still with that same temptation, that the money and time you save will make the application pay for itself month after month.

To help you find out which of our plans would work best for you, we’ve laid out all the options for our expense manager app in this simple table. Just look how many features there are!