ExpenseOnDemand redefines Software as a Service

The phrase ‘Software as a Service’ is well known and understood in the IT industry – but the latest incarnation of our travel and expense management software takes the phrase to a whole new level. What’s not to love about that?

Let’s start at the very beginning. Even if you’re not familiar with the phrase ‘Software as a Service’, you probably understand what it means because you use it all the time.

It’s the modern way to license and use software, which is held on a central server and reached using broadband and mobile networks. Its advantage is that all the latest upgrades are added automatically, as are security patches.

It’s much more sensible to manage software this way, since it transforms the whole world (or at least the parts of it with a good WiFi signal) into your office.

But let’s look beyond the technical term, and consider that although software is a business tool, some of it offers a service too, such as online expense management software, and that’s what we mean when we talk about broadening the definition.

ExpenseOnDemand has become even more of a service
We have just released the very latest version of our software, and this latest incarnation makes it more of a service than it has ever been (and that’s saying something, if we say so ourselves).

Our new look website presents our product in a brand-new way, allowing you to pick and choose which of the features (and there are lots of them) that we offer best fits your business, and build them into a fully-customised package.

But we know that we live in an on-demand world and might want to change your mind. That’s not a problem with ExpenseOnDemand online expense management solutions, because you can remove features at the tap of a screen, which is exactly the way they’re added, too.

Pay for what you use
We’re also not in the business of tying customers into long and expensive contracts. The way you decide which parts of our new-look software to use is the way you pay for them. Turn them on, and we start to charge. Turn them off, and we stop. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, being as flexible as that is helpful, but we’ve gone ever further. Our SaaS based expense management solutions are available to suit every kind of business, from the one-man (or one woman) band to the corporate enterprise, and everything in between.

We now have users is 98 countries, all of whom are busy exploring how they can automate every step of the expense management process.

And the outcome?
Buying in to our service will save you money – at least, that’s the experience of a great many of our users. Take one as a typical example. Investing £60 a month with us yields month on month savings well in excess of that, which means our online expense management software keeps more money in their business bank account – vital for anyone, but more so for this organisation, because it’s a charity!

The same kind of savings are available for you, and it’s never been easier to turn them into reality –? now that’s a service! Check out the web site now.