Solo Expenses puts more valuable tools into the box

Solo Expenses was the first expense manager app to be created with the sole trader in mind – but since its launch, other groups have found its versatility meant it could help them too. Now the story has just got better, with the launch of a series of new additional features…

Busy mums, students, people running small charities and social groups have all found Solo Expenses to be the perfect expense management app to make their money go further, just like the sole traders for whom it was originally created.

They’ve bought into the concept in large numbers, and, as of this month, all of them will find that a very handy tool has just got better.

For an investment of only £2.49 in the ‘business owner’ expense manager category, users will now have access to more than 20 useful features designed to make expense control tighter without having to invest lots of time and effort into making it so.

The new features

More are to follow in the months ahead, but for now, let’s have a quick tour of all the features including those that have just become available thanks to a new release.

  1. Personal categories. So Solo Expenses can keep track of personal spending as well as that for the business, and can keep them separate from each other.
  2. Advanced approval. Business owners can sign off spending before any cash changes hands, so the people doing the spending do so knowing their limits – which means there will be no nasty surprises further down the line.
  3. Improved tracking. Faster, and even more accurate control of the way money’s moving.
  4. Multiple currencies. New country? No problem. Solo Expenses can be set to work in whatever currency is appropriate with the flick of a thumb.
  5. Photograph receipts. No room for the doubt that can be caused with lost receipts or, dare we say it, slightly inflated claims. A picture taken using Solo Expenses can’t lie…
  6. Add thumbnails. Each receipt will be shown with the record of its transaction.
  7. Import texts. Integration with other communications technology, like SMS, allows for tighter spending control
  8. Personalised with a logo. Great tool for those operating more than one business. The presence of a logo is instant visual confirmation that you’re on the right page.
  9. Accountant delegation. Pass the records to your accountant at any time, anywhere. On the train, in the pub, or even in front of the TV. You’re in complete control.
  10. Voice records. Just tell this clever expense manager app what you’ve spent, it’ll remember. As part of this package, records of expenses can be stored indefinitely!
  11. Software friendly. Solo Expenses has the facility to export records to any accounting software.
  12. Credit and debit card syncing. Always watching out for you, Solo Expenses can work alongside your plastic as another way to make the recording of spending more robust – and making you a better expense manager at the same time.
  13. Recording travel. Solo Expenses uses GPS to plot journeys and convert them to mileage claims, so you know that expense category will always be accurate, and never rounded up, so your company will pay the right amount…
  14. Attach multiple receipts. One task can generate more than one receipt – like food and accommodation bills, train tickets, and small incidental spends They’re all meat and drink to Solo Expenses, which will record them all diligently – so long as you’re diligent in giving the app the right information.

Business Owner is just one of four packages offered by Solo Expenses and its bigger and more powerful brother Expense on Demand. Visit our plans and prices page to compare them, and work out which is right for you. Remember, the one thing all our plans have in common is the ability to make your life better by saving time and money, and eliminating stress from using our expense management. And who wouldn’t like to achieve all that right now?