The Solo Expenses Manifesto: What makes us different

Sure, expense management is about money, and keeping its flow under control. But that’s too simplistic for Solo Expenses. We’ve taken a broader view and come up with a family of expense management software tools inside which everyone, from an impoverished student to a multi-national enterprise employing thousands, can find an expense management solution that fits their needs perfectly. That’s what makes us different. Here’s how we’ve done it…

There are lots of money management apps out there, very probably excellent at what they do, just like Usain Bolt and Mo Farah, who will no doubt shine in sprints and distance running at the Rio Olympics.

But if Solo Expenses was hunting for expense management app gold, we’d prefer to be thought of as more like Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill, pictured; better than the rest at multiple disciplines, with a sprinkling of our own personal charm and friendliness to spice up the mix.

And here’s the thing; just as Jess Ennis-Hill has honed her game to be good at more than one thing, that’s exactly what the Solo Expenses expense manager app has done.

We’ve looked at all the variables, thrown away the notion that one size could ever possibly fit all, and created a department store of expense management apps in sizes from XS to XXXL.

We’ve recognised that although it’s great to be able to use a smartphone to record expenses, every action has an equal and opposite reaction; that for every claim, someone has to receive it and make sure it’s paid.

Solo Expenses AppAnd we’ve also recognised that good expense management isn’t all about making life easier for getting back out-of-pocket expenses for whoever spent the cash; we’ve created products that are an effective and holistic money management tool for companies, giving finance departments the capability of helping a business of any size more able to control its spend – and therefore to enhance its bottom line.

But don’t take our word for it: Remember that companies and individuals in more than half the world’s countries use one of our products. Bear that in mind when you read about our family of expense management tools, more details of which are here, as well as below…

Meet our expense management app family

Exhibit 1: The Household Use model
Although we created Solo Expenses with the sole trader in mind, our idea has been made to work for a large number of individuals, such as stay-at-home mums who use it to manage household budgets, and students who have limited amounts of cash. (We ever heard of our app being used to help students eat more healthily; the app pointed out that foods good for you were often cheaper than processed food, which is less so).

None of that means it can’t be used by sole traders, because it can and is, and very effective it is too, if the feedback we get is anything to go by!

And here’s the bonus of this particular version – it’s free to download, and use for ever, here.

Exhibit 2: The Business Owner model
All the features of the Household Use model, but with a lot of added extras, like the ability to export figures to Excel or any of the commonly-used accounting software packages, storage of details for more than nine years, and sharing details with your accountant. It’s also possible to set up automatic tax calculations. This version is suitable for companies with fewer than 20 users, and is available on a14-day free trial, after which it will cost just £2.49 per user a month (though by controlling spend, you’ll probably save more than that every month, so we could arguably say this version if free too).

 Exhibit 3: The SME model
Once again, this model gets just a little more powerful than the one before, adding in functionality required by organisations with numbers of employees running into the low hundreds. Recognising that such organisations have formal structures, we’ve added in an approval hierarchy capability, as well as the opportunity for spend to be allocated to different cost centres, further enhancing spend control. The price of this version varies depending on the number of users on the system, and can be as low as 90p per user each month.

Exhibit 4: The Expense on Demand Enterprise model
Boldly going where a lot of lesser expense management apps fear to tread, our Enterprise software is the daddy of our family, a feature rich piece of software capable of managing the expenses of organisations with employees running into the thousands.  Alongside sophisticated expense policy compliance it handles vehicle management, mileage validation, multiple currencies, writes reports and integrates with major credit cards. Pricing is harder to define; it naturally depends on how many users you have, and which features you want to employ (because even here, flexibility is part of the answer).

The social dividend
None of us operates in a vacuum. The very fact that expenses are being claimed bears witness to lots of social interactions. Not everyone is as well off as those people in the happy position of being able to claim expenses; some live in poverty, some with physical disabilities, and all on a planet which Mankind is undeniably giving a hard time. That’s why we give part of our company revenues to support good causes, all of which need our help, which you can read about here. All of which means that by buying and using one of our expense manager app options, you’re doing your bit to help people less fortunate than yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, because you deserve it.

We hope we’ve shown that with its versatility and social awareness, the Solo Expenses money management app family is different from the rest of the herd, and worthy of being named as your expense management champion.

Picture: © Steve Kingsman |