Solo expenses: Getting in the right lane is about to get easier

Lizzie Banks is proud that she’s helped to improve the Solo Expenses money management app for brand new users by feeding back the experience of a real first-time customer via their website and app, and shares the story with husband Ollie

“If you want something doing, ask a busy woman – or better still, ask two”, that’s what I say”, Lizzie Banks told her husband Ollie. “Look at me, a multi-tasking mum of two who writes a blog – and I’ve been able to get Solo Expenses changed to make it easier for people to start using it.”

Ollie looked at her and raised his eyebrows. He was busy spooning baby rice into his son Jack, and hadn’t been concentrating on what she’d been saying.

“I’ve helped to improve the Solo Expenses user experience. Well, not on my own; I emailed Sunita Nigam and worked with her; you remember, the woman who started it all? We met her in the airport on the way to Florida last year?”

Ollie was puzzled. “We’ve been using Solo Expenses for ages; there’s nothing wrong with it,” he said.

“Doesn’t mean there can’t be room for improvement. Any product that stands still and doesn’t evolve gets left behind; you’ve said that yourself loads of times. And, with the help of Sunita and the Solo Expenses’s Support team, I’ve helped to make an improvement. But don’t you worry about it; its doesn’t apply to us, because we’re already users.”

Ollie wanted to know what the improvement was. “It’s come from one of the girls helping me to promote Lizzie Banks On It. I told her about Solo Expenses, and she said she’d wanted to use it in their business – you know, Jackie and Tom; he’s a plumber.”

Ollie did know; Tom had turned out late one Sunday evening the previous winter when frost had burst the pipe to their outside tap.

Lizzie describes the improvement
“Anyway, Lizzie went on, “she set the app up wrong. It’s all about potential confusion On Boarding Flowbetween individuals and small businesses, and the way they write reports and make claims. Jackie found the setup confusing, because of which she almost decided to pick another expense management app, and told me about it. I emailed Solo Expenses Support team through the web site, and, because I did, the Solo Expenses team has enhanced the way the Solo Expenses expense manager app works. By the beginning of next month there will be new features and explanations so people can get exactly what they need when they sign up. They have called it the onboarding process.”

“Does that change what we do?” Ollie wanted to know.

“Not at all; we’re set up and making the savings every month; we’re well on top of our expenses, and better off because of the way we use Solo Expenses. This is all about new people.

 More than one expense manager app
“I guess the problem arose because Solo Expenses is for multiple types of users (business owners, small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs, sole traders, handymen, housewives, students etc).  Being geared up for different kinds of users, which means there was always going to be the potential for confusion.

New onboarding instructions
“That won’t happen now. They have made a new video and worked on the explanation, and as a result has wiped out any cause for confusion. That’s what I meant about being able to get things done by involving two busy women.”

“So has Jackie signed up to use Solo Expenses now?” asked Ollie.

“She has, and it’s working fine. She’s looking forward to making savings just as we did. Sunita has sorted out the necessary bits and pieces, and she’s in touch with Apple and Google to do all the background stuff, so all of the new information will be on the web site. It ought to be by the beginning of next month. That’s what she’s hoping for. Imagine; I’ve been part of working with Apple and Google. Me!”

Jack banged his hand down in the bowl of baby rice, sending blobs of it around the room. Much was already in his hair and ears, and Ollie’s forehead was now added to the list. “It’s a good job you’re not giving him egg,” said Lizzie. “Because then, Banks, you really would have egg on your face,” she added, handing him a packet of baby wipes.