Why ExpenseOnDemand expense management software is like Sir Roger Bannister

On the face of it, there’s no comparison between small business expense management software and the man who achieved a landmark on the athletics track – but dig a little deeper, and the similarities are there all the same.

Roger Bannister was a junior doctor when he became the first person on the planet to run a mile in under four minutes.

His time of 3:59.4, set on May 6th, 1954, stood as a world record for a mere 46 days, but it was enough to cement his place in history. No-one could ever take the achievement from him, and he is far better remembered than John Landy, who claimed the record for himself in June the same year.

In just the same way, no-one can take from ExpenseOnDemand that fact that our expense management software for small business was the first of its kind to be developed for the sole trader.

Determination and belief

Our achievement, like Bannister’s, took a long time to reach, with failures along the way. But determination and belief led us, like him, to reach the target.

Today we have gone on to greater things in our own field, just as Bannister did in neuroscience, his own specialist area – which, we wouldn’t argue, is a more significant contribution to mankind than our travel expense management software.

Nevertheless, we have developed our concept and product into packages to suit businesses of any kind in any country and currency. We have won customers in almost 100 countries, and, we have no doubt, we have provided a tool that has helped companies to be more efficient. By doing that we have also made a contribution that has given companies more time to focus in their mainstream activity of supporting customers and contributing to economies. We have also no doubt enhanced profits too, which is not to be sneezed at, with a product that any company can use.

ExpenseOnDemand is fast

One of the features of ExpenseOnDemand is its speed – which is what track athletes seek all the time, of course. By making small business expense recording quick and easy, we are providing a platform to streamline business processes, and providing information for analysis helping forms to better understand their spending patterns and cashflows.

And there’s another similarity: steady and incremental improvements. That’s what we’ve done with our software, just as athletes have done with running miles. On the athletics track, the last British athlete to hold the record for the mile was Steve Ovett, who ran it in 3.46 – a time that would have seemed impossible to Bannister on that windy May afternoon in 1954.

Host of features

With our smartphone-based travel and expense management software we have added a host of features over the years; linking to credit cards, customisable reporting, multi-lingual interfaces and cross-currency operation are just four. Explore our website to find how many others there are.

More people have climbed Everest than have run a mile in under four minutes. The effort involved in bringing ExpenseOnDemand to the point we’re at today has involved climbing our own Everests and running our own sub four-minute miles, time and time and time again.

We have no intention of giving up. We’ll keep looking for improvements in expense management software for the benefit of our clients. Standing out from the crowd is tough. Achieving it is rewarding. That’s what makes ExpenseOnDemand different.