ExpenseOnDemand expense management software: The latest take on a flexible friend

When credit cards first appeared on the scene one of them was heavily advertised as ‘your flexible friend’. In a new monthly blog, we look at the array of functions which have taken ExpenseOnDemand to a new level of flexibility for the 21st century. This month we look at category customisation.

To say that the real reason any company needs to have travel and expense management software is to keep track of expenses is a teensy bit obvious – but how can any software, no matter how good it is, do that if the user isn’t in control of how the spending is recorded?

And that’s a teensy bit obvious too. Collation of lots and lots of receipts can’t be truly accurate if the headings available to file things under don’t fit what you’re trying to record. The result would be that although there would be some control, it wouldn’t be as tight as it could be.

That simple thought was what led us at ExpenseOnDemand to devise a way to create an even sharper focus on your spending. We have introduced a way of customising categories, making it possible for the user to add bespoke ones whenever it’s necessary, and remove them when the need is over.

Flexibility for ever
In practical terms that would mean that a company embarking on, for example, an office move, could create categories for everything associated with the move, keeping it entirely separate from the day-to-day activities of the business. There could be categories for the legal fees involved in purchase or leasing, or furniture, or décor, or furniture AND décor – that’s the degree of control it’s possible to achieve with ExpenseOnDemand. The only limit is your imagination; think of a category, and you can add it.

All of the new categories can be linked to company credit cards, if that’s what works for you, and integrated with accounting packages so there’s a permanent record.

And then when the move is complete and you don’t need those categories any more, they can be deleted to make way for new ones. Perhaps there’s to be a trade show, or a particular major order – it doesn’t matter to ExpenseOnDemand, because our software is designed to fit you, not the other way around. And that means that whatever your need from expense management, we have it covered.

It’s a steal
Our software is used by satisfied customers in 98 countries. If you’re not a customer, there’s no better way to find out what you’re missing by checking out our software today. Our customer Claire Stevens, a charity accountant in a company employing almost 100 people sums up what they think: “For the functionality ExpenseOnDemand provides at £60 per month, it’s a steal. We are saving much, much more through financial discipline that is not possible manually. That makes a huge difference to a set-up of our modest means.”