Why Solo Expenses is different from other expenses apps

There are thousands of apps out there, and a significant number of them are designed to help you be a better expense manager. But they’re not all the same, and we believe that’s because not all of them work with the end user in mind. Solo Expenses does. We believe that’s important, and here’s why…

How many times have you bought an item of clothing labelled ‘one size fits all’? And when you’ve done so, have you ever thought that the size for which the manufacturer has opted doesn’t really fit anyone quite perfectly?

That’s the danger when deciding to use any particular app; that what the developer had in mind isn’t exactly what you wanted. It’s close, of course it is, but what if… And that’s the difference between ‘one size fits all’ and bespoke tailoring.

We’d like to think that same tailoring difference is what makes Solo Expenses special; why we’ve taken on board the advice of business leadership expert Peter Drucker, who said: “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

In our case ‘doing something new’ was developing the right cloud based expense management software packages for our clients (there are at least four, but arguably many more when you consider the number of variables in our ‘Enterprise’ category; more of that later). Because we had developed a range of options, there was a danger that people would pick the wrong one, and get a less-than-perfect fit as a result. That simply wasn’t acceptable, we decided, which was the ‘something old’ we had to stop doing.

We listened to customers
Customer feedback had highlighted that there was potential confusion between individuals and small businesses when it came to picking the right expense management system. It seems potential customers were in danger of picking another product because they couldn’t work through the way we asked them to sign up.

That’s a thing of the past now; a new onboarding system means new users can, thanks to a few simple questions we ask, get the right product the first time, and confusion is a thing of the past.

Our packages
Details of the different packages, with transparent pricing, are shown on our web site here.  We have new features and explanations so people can get exactly what they need when they sign up. That web link shows exactly what’s available with each package

Household: This package is perfect for household or personal use, and allows recording of simple spending amounts at no cost whatsoever. We have decided it will always be free, and that’s a promise.

No Approval Process: This package offers a host of features not available with Household, and requires no approval hierarchy. It also allows you to export records to any commonly-used accounting package. Pricing is £2.49 per user per month (but we’d be surprised if you couldn’t save that amount of money through use of the product, so that could well turn out to be free too). Comes with a 14-day free trial period.

Approval Process: This one is broadly similar to Business Owner, with the key difference that it has an in-built approvals structure. The pricing structure is slightly different too; for up to five users, the cost is just £10 a month, rising to £90 per month for up to 100 users. We contend that the savings made using this package can have a similar effect as with ‘Business Owner’, in that the savings could be greater than the investment.

Enterprise: This is the package for companies with employees numbering in the many hundreds and even thousands. We don’t quote a price on the web for this package, because it offers so many variables and options that each installation is a bespoke web based expense management system, tailored to fit one particular organisation. The features are too numerous to discuss in a blog as short as this, but we’d be happy to work through your requirements with you. As a start point, perhaps you’d like to fill in our contact form.

The bottom line is that when it comes to choosing an expense tracker app for your home or business, Solo Expenses is the place to start – because it’s much more than one expense manager app; it’s a suite of software sure to contain the perfect fit for you – no matter what the size and scale of your business, And that’s what makes us different!