How ExpenseOnDemand can change your life in one minute and 20 seconds

Simplified accounting is about more than getting numbers to add up accurately. It’s about reducing stress and making more time for other things you must – or would like – to do. We outline four simple tips in this blog, but if you’re under time pressure, check out the video at this link. It’ll take just one minute and 20 seconds out of your day, but it could change your life. It really could.

In all things about business, the first rule should be ‘follow the money’. Sure, lots of other things come after that, but if you lose sight of the first, the others will become less important, because you’re in danger of going out of business.

When it comes to managing expenses, if you’re not using expense management software, then you’re not doing it correctly. Business expense management for small businesses, wrapped up in a powerful smartphone app and sitting in the pockets and bags of your employees, with breath accuracy into your accounting, and suck stress out of the working day.

Our tips for a better life with accurate, simplified accounting

Using ExpenseOnDemand (and we have packages to suit every size of business) can be stressbusting if you follow these tips:

1. Clear up clutter. Paper receipts, especially those thermal paper ones, are fragile and easily lost. Capture them with the photo option built into ExpenseOnDemand, and there’s no need to have the paper at all. Not having the paper means neither you nor your employees will have to waste time looking for the receipt and entering its details on a form later; there will be no clutter, and your stress levels will be reduced.

2. Mark out the pitch. If everyone knows the boundaries for claiming expenses in your company before you start, then there will be much less hassle about rejecting claims which lie outside your company policy. ExpenseOnDemand can be used to define your company’s expenses policy, and explain it to staff. What’s more, for larger organisations our ‘Enterprise’ package rolls up travel and expense management software in the same app, so it can keep personal and private money entirely separate from each other. At that level we can include several different items in expense management software that fits your business like a glove. Result: Less stress.

3. Deal with it now. Any task becomes easy to put off if you leave it too long. With expense management delays in payment can cause frustration and resentment amongst employees, and rob you of leisure time – or profitable business time. So long as you have access to a WiFi signal you can approve expenses claims on the spot in those annoying ‘dead times’, like waiting in a reception area, on a train or plane, or in your hotel room in the evening. That’ll reduce stress levels for you and your employees (and don’t ignore the act that disgruntled employees don’t work quite so hard – but you’ll have to pay them anyway. Why would you want to make them unhappy at your expense?)

4. Make time for yourself. You need to be happy too. If you’ve maximised the benefits of ExpenseOnDemand, then you’ll have reduced the time it takes to do business admin, and made more for the things you want to do. Who doesn’t think that’s a good idea? And when it comes to finalising the company accounts, everything will go so smoothly you’ll wonder how you managed before you embraced the benefits of ExpenseOnDemand. There’s a download at the end of our online clip. Go on, invest 80 seconds. There’s nothing to lose.