Solo Expenses: The best money you’ll never spend

Believe it or not, using Solo Expenses for your online expense management can not only be free, but can become an income stream for your business. That makes investing in it the best money you’ll never spend. Read on; like the fishing hook in our picture, there’s no catch…

Hold this thought: Used correctly, Solo Expenses expense management software need never cost you a penny.

Sure, that’s a difficult comment to swallow in a world where there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and no-one offers anything for nothing. But not only do we stand by the statement, we’ll go even further: Solo Expenses has the potential to become an income stream for your business.

Before you sneer in disbelief and click away, think of this: We have clients in more than 90 countries around the world; they’ve all discovered for themselves the truth of our claim. Perhaps that makes you think it’ll be worthwhile to read on…

How it works
We started out in 2003 by creating online expense management software for sole traders, and we were the first to offer the service for that hardworking group of people who do so much to support the UK economy.

Over the intervening years, we have evolved our product to give it broader reach. Therefore, our expense management software now comes in four packages. At the most basic level, there’s no charge whatsoever, and there never will be. Download it free here, and use it to manage your own personal finances with our blessing, for as long as you want.

The remaining three packages are configured to suit different kinds of business, so there’s a tailor made fit for your organisation, no matter if you employ just three or four people, or three or four thousand.

Each package is based on the number of people in your company (or any kind or organisation for that matter). The next two options priced in a completely transparent manner based on the number of people you employ, so you’ll see at a glance the amount of money you’ll have to invest.

 Now it’s payback time
Take a look at our pricing page, and focus on the charge for the SME package. Notice the price: £90 per month for up to 100 users. From the moment you start to use the Solo Expenses expense manager app, you’ll start to make savings by having a sharper focus on the money being spent in your business. That £90 monthly investment represents as little as 90p per employee per month. If it saves only a couple of miles on the expenses claimed for a trip twice a month at the HMRC recommended 45p per mile, you’re in profit at once!

As a stand-alone saving, it hardly seems worth bothering about – but there’s a great deal of truth in the old adage about looking after the pennies and letting the pounds look after themselves. What’s more, there could be a lot of employee time saved in processing expenses claims, which also has an impact on the bottom line. Reduce the time spent on one task, and it frees up the hours necessary to do other things that add value to the business.

Still not convinced? OK, look at the little yellow flash on the Business Owner and SME packages. We’ll let you try either (or both) of them free for two weeks. After that, if you’re still not convinced, just walk away – but we’d like to bet that you’re ready to join those happy customers around the world. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Joining the big league
If your company employs more than 100 people (or thousands, for that matter), then our Enterprise package is for you. There’s no price quoted on our web site for this service because this is truly a bespoke business expense software solution. The package offers a number of features that can be combined in the way that suits your company best, but your selection of the elements you would like to incorporate dictates the cost involved – and the savings you’re likely to make. Contact us to talk about your own specific requirements. It could be the phone call that adds enormous value to your business for years to come.

In any event, we’d like to think that online expense management in general has a lot to offer your business, and that Solo Expenses has all the bases covered to offer the most effective expense management software you’re ever likely to need – at the ideal price: Free.