Solo Expenses’ App of the month: July 2015 – WifiMapper

How often do you struggle to find a free wi-fi hotspot when you’re out and about? Or you find one, only to discover that you have to pay to use it or it’s not very reliable?

That’s where WifiMapper comes in. This useful app can help you find free wi-fi anywhere in the world (that’s right, in the world!)

Another great thing is that it’s powered by the OpenSignal app community, which means all of the wi-fi spots are recommended by other WifiMapper users not the app’s creators.

Here are 3 things we particularly like about WifiMapper:

1. Pinpointed location details – rather than just getting a location address, you get a map of your nearest free wi-fi hotspots.

2. User comments – you can find out from other users what the venues are really like. You can access details ranging from the type of setting to how good the coffee is (there’s nothing worse than being served a coffee that doesn’t hit the mark, is there?!).

3. You can help other people avoid bad wi-fi – the beauty of this app is that it’s based on real-life feedback. And you can help improve the database by telling the community about your wi-fi experience.

Have you used WifiMapper? What are your experiences of it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Solo Expenses star rating: 4.5 out of 5