Social media management – App of the Month: Hootsuite

There are the apps we all have, there are the apps that we’d never use, and then there are the apps that genuinely make our lives easier. More and more of us are embracing the use of smart-devices to complete daily tasks. At work it’s no different, apps for iOS and Android have taken a leading role in the way business is conducted. Solo Expenses is an app that has been built with sole traders in mind, helping you to keep on top for your expenses. Now with our app of the month you can discover new and helpful apps to add to your arsenal.

In today’s work climate sole traders are often required to fill multiple roles to keep their enterprises running smoothly. One minute a savvy money manager, the next a dedicated social media marketer. Luckily, a whole range of apps have been developed to improve the functionality of businesses big and small, with select apps ideal for giving sole traders an edge.

Social Media Marketing
With the capacity to market products and advertise to nearly everyone, Social Media has been immersed in nearly every aspect of life and work. It’s now vital for businesses not only to have an active social media output, but to reach a range of audiences across multiple social sites.

This requirement has given rise to apps which effectively organise and streamline the process of posting content that is both relevant and appealing. Hootsuite, founded by Ryan Holmes in 2008, is a platform for managing multiple social media accounts and networks. Starting from a small team at Invoke Media, the organisation has flourished in an online world to become one of the most widely used apps for marketing and managing social media.
From Hootsuite’s ‘social media engagement platform’ you can manage all of your different accounts. It will sync Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and a few more to boot onto a single dashboard. This app allows you to access and track all of your outgoing posts, schedule the best time to post them and engage with audiences seamlessly.

With access to all your social media streams in one place it’s possible to post content across the board or easily tailor each post for an individual social network. Plus, if the only time you have to update your businessesHootsuite Facebook or Twitter is at an unpopular hour, schedule a post for a select time or save commonly needed responses for future use.

Keeping up with what’s popular and what’s not is crucial for sustaining audiences interested and engagement. Hootsuite allows you to track how a post has been received. Using the analysis features of the app you can identify the peak times for posting content and what trends to follow.

Hootsuite has three main tier plans to choose from. A free option available for personal use. Pro for entrepreneurs and owners who want to increase productivity on social media. Business, for small companies wanting to link their teams onto one platform and capitalize on the boosted audience range. Finally, there’s an expansion onto the enterprise level for bigger companies in need of great security and analytics.

Using social media apps alongside Solo Expenses
Like many sole traders you spend your day receiving messages and posts that you have very little time to acknowledge, let alone respond to. If that’s the case, apps that can make time-consuming jobs easier are invaluable. Solo Expenses makes keeping track of your money a more manageable and straightforward job. Like social media management, you can keep all your expense records in one place. Using our expense manager app you can easily log records of you’re spending. With one photographed receipt that’s a permanent record that can be sent straight to your accountant. Plus keeping up-to-date records will show you what is actually being spent on your business. For a more detailed overview of your spending, invest just £2.49 a month to enable you and your accountant to track the data you’ve collected as a spreadsheet, so you never miss anything you could be claiming back on. Why juggle multiple roles when you could have an organised strategy for getting jobs done? Make your life easier with apps like Hootsuite and Solo Expenses, they save time and money.