Small business expense management software and uses

Small in size but powerful in application, small business expense management software is the answer to the prayers of many small companies, but they just don’t know it yet. Is yours one that hasn’t yet switched on to how it can help? Put the kettle on, and we’ll explain the benefits…

Are you the owner of a small business? Then your life is probably crammed with people clamouring for your attention from the moment you wake up until the moment you think your day’s work is done.

But even then there are more things you‘ll need to attend to. From planning the next day’s work for you and your workforce to sending out invoices, ordering stock, and making sure the works van is insured, the chores just keep building up.

That’s why we can perfectly understand that some things have to be put to one side – and one of them might be your business expense management system, if it exists at all.

But stop for a minute, and let us explain how your life can be made far easier and less stressful when it comes to using business expense management software. The builders in our picture could be talking about just the same thing; how a smartphone and Solo Expenses expense management software helps to make their micro-business more efficient. Look at these benefits:

Small business expense software: The benefits all start with C…
1. Cost-effective:
Solo Expenses could turn out to be completely free for your business. Take our two builders as an example. If they’re the only two in the company, the cost is £2.49 per employee per month. That’s less than the cost of two coffee-shop coffees, never mind the bacon rolls. Chances are that with diligent use of our app, they could save more then that between them every month. Result: Another income stream for your business.

2. Created for sole traders: There are lots of money management apps on the market, but Solo Expenses was the first created exclusively for sole traders, and no-one can ever take that away from us. We’ve been in the business of providing business expense management software since 2003, and we have clients in almost 100 countries.

3. Clear: Which would you rather look at, a column of neat figures carefully filed into their own category, or a jumble of paper receipts crammed onto the van dashboard, in your wallet, or in the pockets of a jacket somewhere. Diligent use of Solo Expenses will eliminate the paper jungle which is sure to hide mistakes and oversights by the time the financial year-end arrives.

4. Cost control: With all the financial information to hand, you can identify patterns that you might be able to work with to eliminate unnecessary spending. You’ll also be certain that you never miss a tax filing deadline, so there will be no penalties to pay. What’s more, you won’t neglect to reclaim back any tax you might be entitled to.

5. Constantly available: Because Solo Expenses is a smartphone app for iPhone and Android, it lives on your phone in instant readiness every time you spend anything, so recording every spend is child’s play, and takes only seconds.

6. Compile reports: Once you’ve captured the detail, there are options about what to do with it. Solo Expenses allows you to create custom reports, and even send them to your accountant, so he or she can get on with looking after your books whilst you do something that earns some income. Or perhaps you’d just like to relax. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do that, if the mood takes you.

We might reasonably add ‘clever’ and ‘convenient’ to this list, but the best way to illustrate that is for you to download our software and try it for yourself. Use this link to see more detail. The download button is at the bottom of the list of features. There’s a 14-day free trial on our Business Owner and SME packages, and you could have one of them up and running on your phone before the tea goes cold. What have you got to lose? Users in almost 100 countries can’t all be wrong..!

Picture: Ian Allenden | Dreamstime