Sickness and wealth: App’s on hand to help

Ollie discovers he’s going to be a dad again, and turns to his Solo Expenses app to record what’s being spent on everything that goes with parenthood. Just as well he has the app; it’s technology that saves lots of time, and that’s going to be in short supply in the months ahead.

It had been the runny egg that did it for Lizzie that Saturday morning. She watched her daughter Alice plunge a toast soldier into the yolk. It oozed upwards out of the shell and down the egg-cup, the one with the pink hearts. She felt her stomach begin to follow suit, and dashed to the loo.

She felt awful. Was it something she’d eaten? Leaning, limp and nauseous, against the coolsaving-time-solo-expenses-cost-control-300x200 tiles of the bathroom wall, she ran through a mental checklist of the meals they’d eaten over the previous 24 hours. Even allowing for Alice’s odd menu choices, there had been nothing that all three of them hadn’t shared, and neither Alice nor her husband Ollie were ill. She went back another 24 hours. No; no suspects there either. There had to be another reason. This hadn’t been the first morning this week that she’d been nauseous, and Lizzie thought she knew what that other reason was…

Glancing in on Alice, who was still tucking into the egg, she went into the lounge where Ollie was sprawled in his favourite chair, wearing what passed for his pyjamas – an Aston Villa away strip from the 2000-01 season, the last time they’d got to the FA Cup Final. His phone was in his hand; his thumb darting about the screen.

The moment of truth
“Ollie… are you very busy at the moment?

He didn’t look up as he replied. “Online shopping. Groceries. I’ll pick them up later this afternoon.”
“Oh… Good…” She wondered how to start the conversation. “Do you think you could add something for me to the list?”
Still he didn’t look up. His thumb didn’t stop. “Sure. What?”
“A pregnancy test kit; I think…”, the sentence tailed off as Ollie’s thumb froze and his head turned, very slowly, and he looked at her.
“For a moment there I thought you said ‘pregnancy text kit’,” he said, raising his eyebrows to turn the statement into a question.
“I did. I think Alice is going to have a little sister. Or a brother…”
The sound of whooping and cheering brought Alice from the kitchen, face yellow with egg, in time to watch her parents hugging each other in delight. Lizzie pushed herself away from Ollie, saying ‘bathroom’ before tottering off in that direction, her hand to her mouth. Alice followed.

Villa for the cup
Ollie looked to the other end of the room and his large new TV set. He’d bought it only last week because Villa were in the FA Cup final for the first time for 15 years. Perhaps they’d win, and that hadn’t happened since 1957, when his dad had been in short trousers. Ollie’s mates were coming round; there would be beer and burgers, fried onions, chips and more beer. Lizzie had volunteered to feed them all, whilst Alice visited her grandparents. If Lizzie really was pregnant, he thought, fried food was surely going to be off the menu. Without that, his mates might opt to go to the pub instead.

mockDrop_Nexus-6-in-classroom-1-150x150New Solo Expenses category: Just call it ‘baby’
Time would tell; for now there was something more important on his mind. He picked his phone from the floor, thumbed open the SoloExpenses app, and created another expenses category. The software called it ‘miscellaneous’, but he knew what that really stood for. It was ‘baby’. There was nothing to put in it yet, but he’d be starting with that pregnancy test kit…