Show Your Employees Some Appreciation With These Ideas

For companies large and small, workers are the driving force that keeps the gears turning. That’s why every employer needs to keep a close eye on the morale and well-being of their teams. A lack of engagement can quickly turn into lost productivity, dwindling sales, and high turnover rates. Showing your employees some appreciation can go a long way toward increasing their job satisfaction and improving your company’s bottom line. Even if you don’t have the budget for substantive career perks like raises or cross-training, there are many simple, fun ways to boost workplace morale, day-to-day. Not all of these suggestions will fit every workplace, but you’re bound to find some that are suitable for yours.

Flexible Hours / Remote Work
For busy employees, flexible hours could significantly reduce stress and, in some cases, save them money. They may be able to avoid daycare costs, join a carpool, or simply stick to their natural sleep cycle. Occasionally offering the chance to work from home could go even further toward keeping them comfortable.


Happy Birthday!
A simple gesture, like wishing someone a happy birthday, can make them feel remembered and appreciated. Make a note of special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones. Put them on your calendar and take a moment to recognise them when they arise.

Budget Some Bonuses
If you’d like to compensate your employees but can’t afford raises, leave some room in the budget for bonuses. For maximum effect, make it a surprise. Even a small amount is sure to brighten their day.

Offer Prizes
Is there a nearby cafe where your workers like to buy coffee or lunch? Give out $5 gift cards as prizes for workplace contests, games, or just for excellent performance.


Call It a Day
Let your team start the weekend early by sending them home after a half-day on Friday. The excitement may boost productivity for the hours they do work, meaning little productivity in total will be lost.

Say Thanks
Public recognition can encourage your workers and even attract new applicants. Mention your best performers by name on social media and thank them for their hard work.

Peer Recognition
Allow employees to recognise one another for their contributions. Sometimes co-workers notice things that management does not. Giving them the option to recognise each other will mean fewer contributions go unnoticed.


A Better Break Room
Give your workers a nice place to relax and de-stress. If your office has a break room, consider adding comfortable furniture, healthy snacks, or anything else they might enjoy.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for making a more positive work environment. Take a look at your own workplace culture and see what forms of employee appreciation would be a good fit. After all, a little effort can yield big rewards.