Select the perfect app by asking: “What’s in it for me?”

Things that claim to be labour saving often aren’t. Offers that claim to save money often involve spending some first. Solo Expenses is the opposite on both counts. It will save time and effort. It won’t involve you spending any money to get started. Sound too good to be true? This time, it isn’t, and there are no catches…

For decades we’ve been promised so much by technology. So much about how all areas of our lives would get easier with a myriad of labour-saving devices; about how we’d enjoy more leisure time and suffer less stress.

Never really happened, did it? What we got was more stress, and this notion that we could perpetually do more with less. Evenings began to run into working days; working days began to spill over into weekends. We began to reach a point where we were just ‘doing more’.
So were we lied to about what might be achieved? Not really. There are benefits from most labour-saving devices, to a greater or lesser extent. They undoubtedly saved up from the hard physical grind of some chores, like washing clothes, keeping our homes warm, and even cooking, all of which so often traditionally  fell on the mother in a household. But some devices have been less about time saving and more about smoke and mirrors; the marketing hype masking that a product is no more than a solution looking for a problem; merely the result of a developer’s vision.

How to pick devices that really do ‘save labour’

This is really easy. To separate the myth from the fact, blow away the smoke and smash the mirrors, we’d encourage you to ask yourself one question: “What’s in it for me?” Make a list of benefits of any alleged labour-saving device, and then list the downsides. If the ‘pro’ list is longer than the ‘con’, then you’re on a winner.

To show you what we mean, we’ve drawn up ‘pro’ and ‘con’ lists for our own mobile expense management app Solo Expenses, which corporate and personal clients alike are using for expense tracking, and drawing benefit from.

The ‘pros’ of using Solo Expenses

1. It’s free to download. That’s right, visit our web site and you can download the app today for nothing. Pay a monthly fee, and you can access a different even more capable version with more features.
Select the perfect app by asking What’s in it for me-1
2. Record spending in several ways – by tapping the keypad, by photographing a receipt, or by with a voice memo.

3. It’s always with you. Because Solo Expenses is a phone app, it’s wherever your phone is – and these days, that’s just about everywhere!

4. Never miss an expense. The ever-present phone app means no build-up – or loss – of important receipts. Record your spending at the moment you spend it.

5. Highlight waste. How often have you said: “It’s not so expensive” and bought a coffee, a donut, or a magazine. Sure, one’s not expensive, but if you become a serial coffee drinker or donut eater, the cost will mount. Draw back from spending and the savings will mount just as easily, making more money available for big ticket items you’d love to own, but haven’t been able to afford until now.

6. Free your weekends. Why would you want to spend great slices of your weekend recapping and recording the week’s spending, when you could do it during the week?

7. Relax more. You could start with an extra hour or two in bed, if you really wanted to…

8. Live a little. With more time to spare you could make the most of it by putting some living into your life and enjoying non-work (or housework) activities that you’re an enthusiast about.

9. Never miss a claim. Lose a receipt, and you could miss a claim for expenses from an employer. Using Solo Expenses will prevent that happening, if you’re diligent enough with it

10. Make more profit. Running a successful business takes time; time you should devote to what your business does profitably – which is more than likely not doing back office ‘chores’ the old-fashioned way, and certainly won’t boost your wealth. So why are you recording spending with pen and paper?

11. Better health. Bad health isn’t necessarily about the things you ask the doctor for help with. If you’re working too hard, and suffering from stress, it will creep up on you unnoticed – potentially until its too late. Make life easier for yourself, and your health will be better too.
Select the perfect app by asking What’s in it for me-2
12. Don’t be a late payer. Paying taxes late results in financial penalties, robbing you of more hard-earned money. Keeping on top of spending as you spend means you’ll be ready to file on time.

13. Keep the accountant happy. Solo Expenses can allow you to upload a series of expense reports direct to your accountant, so he can sort your books out more efficiently, potentially saving you even more money because the bill will be smaller.

14. Create detailed reports. Filter your spending records by day, week, or month, by business trip, or by individual store. It’s as easy as the flick of a thumb to customise a report using Solo Expenses – and as has so often been said, knowledge is power, and when its about your finances, knowledge is also the key to prosperity too.

15. Works globally. Anywhere your phone works, Solo Expenses works.

16. Name your currency. All major currencies are supported.

17. Help the family. Although Solo Expenses lives on your phone, there’s nothing to stop every family member, and all of your friends from downloading it free here too, so they can make savings just as you can.

18. No catches. If you download it and later decide you don’t want to use it, just delete it. We won’t think any less of you. But we haven’t yet found anyone who declared it wasn’t helping them to keep track of their spending…

The ‘cons’ of using Solo Expenses
To be honest, we couldn’t think of any. Why don’t you download it now, and see the difference in your own life?