How to save the planet whilst getting fit

There are countless fitness apps out there, measuring how far we’ve walked, how far we’ve run or how far we’ve cycled. Using this data can tell us how fit we are. These apps are usually incentivised with achievements for our efforts, and have become so popular that gaming apps now reward players for certain distances covered. The craze that was Pokémon Go got nearly everyone walking miles on end just to play the game.

 So, these apps are designed to make us get up and go, eat more healthily and tell us how we’re progressing to set goals. But, how about an app that not only tells us all how to be healthier, but challenges us to make smart decisions to resist climate change? Enter the environmentally-sustainable mobility app.

In 2015, before the trend of GPS-based games, Green tech start-up Changers launched an app that ‘gamified’ making environmentally sound choices with their app CO2 Fit, an app that combines a GPS based distance tracker with a carbon footprint calculator. However, unlike other games this app rewards green behaviour with statistics and certificates that show your real-world contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

CO2 Fit encourages daily choices that will reduce the amount of CO2 you produce, like choosing public transport over taking the car, or better yet ditching emissions all together by cycling or walking to work. The aim is for users to being a much healthier and active lifestyle.

Choosing the greener option also will earn you the in-game currency ‘ReCoins’, which can be exchanged for a range of rewards. All the app asks of you is to enter in the journey you are about to make, and, using the GPS in your phone, it calculates the savings on the carbon footprint. Users will initially have to register an account with the app’s servers, but Changers works under strict German data protection laws, so all your data is encrypted.

One of CO2 Fit’s main functions has been developed since its launch, and is the app’s targeting of businesses, promoting corporate responsibility and overall improvement of business practices. Visit the Changers site and you’ll find ’10 reasons for the CO2 fit app’, which exemplifies the app’s uses for engaging employees in ‘long-term, health-promoting habits’ which will have a marked increase in their performance and the productivity of your business. Other updates intended to help employees live better include more sustainability options and challenges to eat more healthily with more exercise goals, which all earn the in-game currency.

A benefit of the ‘gamified’ nature of this app is the ability for users to compete with others locally; with friends or colleagues, and also globally as a team. Users in the same area can work together in a designated departmental or corporation wide competition for the most Kilometres walked or cycled. Comparing their progress with other teams around the world. Changers strategy is to promote an increased level of commitment to both healthy, and environmentally minded living. Creating a more motivated, cohesive teams in your business.

The mark of a good app is connectivity to a wider network of people and extended functions to keep users engaged. Solo Expenses offers a free Cloud based expense management system that can complement this healthier more focused app user. Also, by recommending Solo Expenses to your friends and colleagues you can earn commission, and who said connectivity doesn’t pay?

CO2 fit has been developed to work within companies to not only make employees more mindful of their impacts on climate change, but also increase their effectiveness. Similarly, Solo Expenses offers a variety of different levels of usage. For a small investment you can access upgraded functions for business owners and SME’s. Now business owners can directly export expense reports from your mobile straight to their accountant.

Changers believe that motivated employees will hold a greater value in their personal wellness. This is intended to increase their productivity, and as a bonus can start reducing their impact on climate change. To capitalise on these positive effects why not improve the expense management of your employees as well. Using Solo Expenses money management system you can ensure that no expense is lost, with the handy Receipt Capture function you can easily photograph and convert receipts to pdf files.

Fewer miles driven are fewer miles claimed, for and a happier more productive workforce is always better for business.

By upgrading to another of the four Solo Expenses packages you will gain access to the GPS-based automatic mileage tracker, which will ensure the miles claimed for are the miles used.

So, what it boils down to is a combination of this expense tracker app and carbon footprint reducing fitness game could reduce the number of miles claimed for, improve business practices and reduce environmental impacts. What’s not to like?