Ron’s inspired by the work of Sightsavers to give something back

The banging and crashing noises persisted, and Lorna could stand it no longer. She got up and went into the hall to find her husband Ron’s legs sticking out of the cupboard under the stairs.

At length, the rest of him appeared, red-faced and covered in fluff. “What on earth are you doing?” Lorna felt compelled to ask.

“Looking for my spectacles,” replied a breathless Ron.

“You’re losing your mind. They’re on your face,” she pointed out.

“Not those,” said Ron. “These.” He held up several pairs of old specs, still in their cases. “I bet there’s a charity that could use these to change someone’s life in a country where they don’t have access to eyecare as we do.”

“And what’s made you want to do that right now?”

“The Countess of Wessex and ExpenseOnDemand,” said Ron; in Lorna’s opinion far to enigmatically. She told him so: “ExpenseOnDemand I can understand, making a difference with its own profit sharing through the Giving Back initiative, but when have you ever met the Countess of Wessex? Let me guess. Never.”

“I never said I’d met her – but I’ve been reading about her. Did you know her daughter was born prematurely, and had a sight issue? No? I didn’t think so. Nor did I. The Countess has been campaigning in India, where ExpenseOnDemand gives regularly to Sightsavers, which is a massive success in itself.”

As he spoke, Ron went back to his tablet, and said: “Let me read this one paragraph to you; it’s part of a speech she made. It’s the reason I was under the stairs. She says: ‘I feel hopeful that a world free of ALL forms of avoidable blindness is not just a pipe dream, but is within our grasp if we can garner governments, specialists, and the private sector, because we already have the technology, the treatments and the know how to make it happen’.”

Ron pressed on: “Don’t you see, there are all sorts of ways we can help. By being a ExpenseOnDemand customer, every company is supporting the work of Sightsavers, quite apart from the work the Countess talks about. Sightsavers has performed almost a million cataract operations, working in 30 countries. And I bet I can find someone who can use these old specs to make someone’s life better.

“Being able to see means people can work, and can go to school. It really is life-changing stuff, and I’ve done something to help just by caring enough to rummage about in a cupboard to find something we don’t need any more.”

Lorna smiled and nodded. “When you put it like that, I bet I’ve got some old specs that someone could use. I’ll look them out. Isn’t it rewarding to do something so simple that could make such a big difference. Makes you feel all sort of fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?”