Expense On Demand seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Accounting Software
and helps small businesses track and monitor expense claims easily.


Table of Contents

  • If you are an existing QuickBooks user or are contemplating to buy QuickBooks, connecting Expense On Demand to QuickBooks is very simple and easy. This is explained step by step in the attached video “How do I connect to QuickBooks? ”.

  • Enable QuickBooks from Accounting > Accounting Integration

  • Click Connect to QuickBooks

  • Enter QuickBooks Login Credentials

  • Connect to QuickBooks

  • The Sync is now connected

  • Select QuickBooks from Export Report template drop down

  • Exported Expenses can be viewed in QuickBooks under “Expenses”

  • Exported Expenses view in QuickBooks as Bills

  • Disable QuickBooks from Accounting > Accounting Integration