How to put the squeeze on the added extras of business travel

This is not about the cost of restaurant meals or ad hoc airport purchases; it’s about control of the background cost of making trips possible by using travel and expense management software.

Business travel has moved on in the last decade – but for many companies the way the process is managed hasn’t changed one iota.

Show me a company whose travel and expense management is underwritten with phrases such ‘We’ve always done it this way’, and ‘We have a system that’s worked well for us for years’ and I’ll show you a company that’s not moving with the times, and could well see business snaffled from under its nose as a result.

Modern travel expense management software, of the kind developed by ExpenseOnDemand, has the power to do more than track the process. It simplifies recording of spending, and in doing so brings clarity to the whole process ­– which in turn leads to savings in cash and staff time.

Check out the benefits

Accurate: Because travel expense management software like ExpenseOnDemand requires an expense to be logged just once, there is less chance for errors creeping in further down the admin chain

  1. Eliminates fraud: Greater transparency means less opportunity to dodgy financial manipulation in the smoke and mirrors world of manual expense management systems
  2. Seamless: Recorded expenses are categorised where the business needs them to be, against one of the preset categories in the software, or in ones you set yourself – against a cost centre number, a project or a particular business trip. What’s more, the data can be delivered to the accountants at the flick of a thumb
  3. International: So long as there’s a WiFi signal, expenses can be managed anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night – and in any currency. The software has the power to convert one to another, allowing for exchange rates, and file accordingly
  4. Speed: The hard work has been done in the background by our app developers, so the system becomes simplicity itself for the end user, like any smartphone app. And because it’s simple, it’s also fast
  5. Flexible: Good online expenses software recognises that your business needs help that fits it. That’s why the ExpenseOnDemand pricing model is based first of all on the number of users, for which you’re charged on a per person per month basis, and then on the features you use. We’ve built in the ability for you to turn them on or off at will, and we’ll charge you accordingly, with no hint of a long-term contract in sight. We want you to be a customer for a long time because you want to be, not because you have to be.
  6. Cost effective: The pay-per-feature and pay-per-employee features mean ExpenseOnDemand will always be the perfect fit for your business, delivering what you need, when you need it. And because our charges for a cutting edge business expense tracker app are so reasonable, the money you’ll save through admin efficiencies and tighter expense control are sure to outweigh the cost of your investment with us.