How to Prevent Employee Burnout

When it comes to assembling the perfect team, it’s not enough to hire the right people. You also have to provide a work environment that allows them to flourish and make the most of their unique talents. Unfortunately, employee burnout is pervasive across most industries, and it is costing businesses a fortune. Companies are losing countless hours of productivity from disengaged workers, and their best talent may end up leaving. While the causes of burnout are endless–anything from being overworked to interpersonal conflicts to a lack of feedback–there are some best-practices to help foster a work culture that prevents employee burnout before it begins.

Communication is Key
Check-in with your employees on a regular basis. Chances are, they see things around the workplace that you don’t, so this is a great opportunity to resolve problems before they escalate. Maintain an open-door policy and encourage feedback.
communication is key

Have Clearly Defined Roles
Make sure your workers know exactly what their responsibilities and duties are. Don’t leave them guessing whether or not they should tend to a particular task. If something goes wrong, it’s important to know whose responsibility it is.


Define Roles


Make Sure They’re Challenged, Not Overwhelmed
Some employees feel comfortable working long hours, but many don’t. Don’t expect a 60-hour work week from everyone. Make sure that the amount of work you assign is manageable or they’ll be drowning in anxiety.




Give Them Time to Unplug
Implement an official policy against working during off-hours. Some companies even go so far as to shut down their internal email between certain hours. Let your employees use their time to recharge and not worry about the office.




Make the Most of Their Passion
Employees may have all kinds of talents that are not being put to good use. If they’re not happy in their current position, make sure they have the opportunity to transition into another position that they prefer. Better still, give them some time each week to work on a personal project. They’ll feel more fulfilled professionally, and that project may even turn out to be beneficial for the company. Google’s Gmail was famously started this way.




Make Wellness a Priority
Without adequate physical and mental health, employees will not reach their full potential. Recreational activities like company sports teams can foster team-building while also encouraging physical fitness. You might make a point of providing healthful snacks, a discount at a local gym, or yoga classes. Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to increase workplace productivity and worker happiness; consider mindfulness training for your team.




Encourage Your Workers to Take a Vacation
While many companies offer vacation time, workers often feel guilty about leaving. Encourage your employees to take a well-deserved break. Depending on your business, it may even be feasible to shut down for two weeks each summer, providing everyone a chance to relax and recharge.




These suggestions will be more practical for some companies than for others, but there are many more ways to help provide employees with the support they need to remain productive. With enough planning and communication, any workplace can see a higher retention rate and an increase in productivity and job satisfaction.